Thursday, February 9, 2017

My First 5K Run?? Yikes!

You read that right. I have made a (big) decision to join my first EVER 5k run with my sister. My city's local police department is holding a memorial run for officers killed in the line of duty, as well honoring those who support and their commitment to their city across the nation.

I have an uncle who was once a police officer, and while he is still very much alive- I've always supported our men in blue. I'm in no way getting political in this particular post, so don't think it's headed that way.

I am going to be honest. I am terrified that I've even entertained the idea of getting with thousands of people who are more in shape than I am to run so many miles. When you have anxiety, you fear of getting judged and have so many questions running through your mind. "What if I can't complete it?" "What if I overheat and pass out?"

I've mentioned before that helping anxiety and getting healthy really are best friends... Except when it comes to doing something you've never done before. I'm still walking/running as much as I can. Texas never has a normal winter, so when it gets warm, it gets warm. With the race being smack dab in the middle of May, it will be HOT!! So, in order to acclimate my body to the heat, running or walking long miles will have to be a daily thing- even if it's 85 degrees outside. (Plenty of water will be had.)

What made me want to join? Well, there are several reasons. One being it will be a great way to support my local PD. Also, it will help in overcoming one, big anxiety obstacle- and that's something to be proud of.

I've started reading on training for 5Ks, and what you will need to do to get in shape for the 3.1 miles of running. Lucky for me, I have a great work-out partner who will get me into tip-top (or close to it) shape. I have several months, so I think I will be okay.


For more information on the Police Memorial Run for Central Texans, be sure to find all the information here!

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