Saturday, January 21, 2017

Time For Some Nanty Narking (Victorian Slang)

On Facebook, you will find a page that exists called "Grandiloquent Word of the Day." I've been following them for a long time... I don't remember for how long, but I know it started when they posted a word  about grooming your mustache or beard; and from that point forward I was hooked.

I love learning new words, and these are no exception!

(Wee little note: I'm being lazy with this post today since I've been busy working on a project. I hope to reveal it soon!)

Not too long ago, I came across a website that has a dictionary of words from the late 1800s that we no longer use. I decided to stroll through the dictionary and came upon many that I loved, laughed at, or simply added to my new vocabulary.

Gigglemug is one of them.

Now, since there's 271 pages, I didn't go through every single word. Nanty Narking means "great fun," and I found that to be absolutely wonderful. Some of them we still use to this day- like "cowboy." We all know what an original cowboy is, right?? (Or, at least, I'd hope so!)

So, without further ado, some of my favorites!
- Dog my cats- To swear. (It means "God damn my eyes.")
     Example: Dog my cats if she didn't make a nest of it and set three weeks on the buttons.

- Porridge Hole- The mouth (Does this really need any further explanation?)

-Blue blanket- The sky
    Example: I slept under the blue blanket last night

-Strike a bright- To have a happy thought (This may be my #1 favorite!)

-To chuck a dummy- To faint. (That maybe the best way to say you've passed our or about to)

As I'm doing research on a lot of these, I'm noticing quite a bit of words referring to getting drunk. My absolute most liked of those?

Arf'arf'an'arf. That, oddly enough, is one I remember very well. Don't ask me how, it just is!

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