Friday, January 20, 2017

Revisiting Steam Park Board Game

About 3 years ago, my sister got the chance to review Steam Park, a board game of lucky and strategy from Cranio and Iello Games on her blog. I even reviewed it here on The Geeky Nutcase. The years has not been king to this poor box, but that didn't stop us!

What is Steam Park essentially? You are the owner of a theme park for robots. You must carefully plan to come out on top with owning the most profitable one. Like I said, it takes luck and strategy.

One night when we were bored, we brought this monster back out of it's dark hole and opened it up. It was time to play once again! I ended up forgetting just how many pieces were in this thing. I believe the (un)official count was 300- give or take a few.

Set-up was easy since we usually never disassemble the rides or "concession stands" (I forgot the word they used!). We had forgotten the rules as it has been a few years, and there's quite a bit to the rules. We did end up confused playing again the first time- but ultimately found our way again! It takes about an hour to play, and once is usually never enough.

That darn rule book....
Trust me. The rule book will be both your best friend and you're evil nemesis.

♬Roll, roll, roll your dice♬
This cutie holds your dice once you've rolled


You see rides. These will be what your "riders" ride on. They are color-coded and can be the fun or the downfall of your park.

So three years later, did I still enjoy it? Yes, yes I did! There were still a few taunts muttered (think Monty Python and The Holy Grail), but it was all just to throw the other person off their game. The lovely sister won both times we played. I've got to step up it comes... game.

Maybe it'll start coming out of it's dark hole more than just every few years!

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