Saturday, January 7, 2017

January Artist Highlight: Laura McDonnold

Welcome to our first artist highlight of January! We are going on a little adventure this week. We know all someone who loves the movie "Labyrinth." Ya know, the one with David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly?

On my quest to find an artist to start January off, I ran across Laura McDonnold and her Labyrinth Shoppe on Etsy. When I saw her Ludo (we'll meet him here soon), I had to contact her to ask if she would love to be featured. So, here we are introducing her and her amazing creations.

Who does our little meet after Hoggle? Well, it's "just a worm."
Say, come inside, and meet the missus.
Our little worm here is made of clay, feathers, and paint. Who honestly wouldn't want this little fella sitting on their desk, tree limb, or.... labyrinth brick? I, believe it or not, have the perfect spot for him- which would be right next to the Tardis cookie jar on my desk.

Now, this is where we finally come to our gentle giant: LUDO!!! There are two specific Ludos in her shop, and I am going to share both.

This first one is a Ludo plush, so be prepared to have a cuteness overload.
Sarah friend?
Our little Ludo has glow in the dark fangs! I do also believe you have the choice of choosing sizes. So, if you'd like a small Ludo or a gentle giant Ludo, you have that ability!

Are we looking for a Ludo on the detailed side? She's got you covered there!
Sure. Rocks friends.
Can I just say that I want him? His expression just makes you smile the moment you look at him. Of course, it also makes you want to get out the DVD and pop it in. If you look at the pictures of this one, you'll see a picture of the details on his foot. Genius!

I am going to share one last, non-Labyrinth creation... Alice in Wonderland!

She has many, many other items at her Etsy place. Why not go pay her a visit?

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