Tuesday, January 17, 2017

January Artist Highlight: Dilkabear

Continuing with our January Artist Highlight, we are visiting Dilkabear over at Etsy. I follow her on Instagram, and have always loved her art, and so I thought I'd finally share her with you guys.

That little hot air balloon and that pinwheel just... too cute! For some odd reason, it reminds me vaguely of Blind Melon's "No Rain" music video with the dancing girl, but this painting takes on a more subtle look. (That cherry nose, though.)

I've always loved the look of these kinds of paintings. I don't know what it is, but how could you NOT pass up the look on their cute, little faces??

I have a twin sister, so when I saw this I knew I had to include it. There are times we have the same exact expression on our faces... but not often. I look at this and see me and her (or is it her and I??). This may be just one of many that I end up getting sometime in the near future.

There's no need to say why I love this one is there?? It has the aviator hat/glasses, the wings, and the adorable scarf. Enough said.

It's no surprise that cats are adorable and that I love those furry, four-legged destroyers- so it shouldn't be a shock that there's one included in this. Don't judge me, but I just now noticed the bird lying at his feet. While this may seem like a sad painting, it's still beautiful.

We have one more, and this one is a bit more sinister but still adorable at the same time.
Okay, confession. I am in love with this one (as I was with all the above.) The butterflies, roses, the wave of his hand. I can't take it! I must have all of these on my wall!

She has much, much more to offer in her Etsy shop, so go say "Hi" to her.

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