Monday, January 16, 2017

How My Star Wars Addiction Started

I realize we haven't talked about Star Wars lately... Soooo sorry! I've been concentrating on my fishing and running lately- which is good, but sometimes you have to keep what brought you into the geek world closer. I thought it'd be a good idea (hopefully) to share how exactly I came to fall in love with the Force.

See what I did there?

I grew up with both Star Wars AND Star Trek. Both of my parents loved Star Trek, but only my father liked Star Wars. I don't remember the age I was introduced, it was young because I remember watching the ORIGINAL first Stars Wars movie (now A New Hope), and I couldn't stop watching. Introduced to Threepio, and his "anxiety," I did laugh. Little did I know what exactly he was going through... but that's not this story.

I have to admit I loved Chewie more than Han, or Luke, or Obi at that time. He's a big, furry walking carpet and was always up to helping the heroines. Somehow you knew what he was saying even though he spoke no English. His wingman (or was Chewie the wingman?), Han, helped with his replies.

Next came the Ewoks. Those cute little badasses. I distinctly remember asking my father about them constantly, and he would answer it every time. I don't know what it was/is about them, but somehow spear-wielding bears just makes you say, "Aww" and "Kick those Stormtroopers butts!" at the same time.

What did I specifically love about these movies? Everything. From Darth Vader to the space battles to the wit/sarcasm. The effects were, at that time, just *PUN ALERT* out of this world. The fantasy of it all was really what drew me in.
There are some Star Wars movies I don't enjoy, and I think that's true for some of us. That's the way the cookie crumbles... or the Death Star Crumbles.

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