Monday, January 23, 2017

Listen To The Music- Geeky Bluetooth Speakers

I've mentioned it a thousand times, but as I'm fishing, sometimes I need some music to go along while I wait for the fish to bite. Or, if I'm doing something outdoors, music is a must! My current smartphone has a crappy speaker, so if I need it loud, I have to go to the back-up bluetooth speaker- which has a bit of trouble on its own.

I decided to look up what speakers are out there that not only fit my outdoor lifestyle, but my personality as well. Luckily, I came across quite a few options! I'm going to admit that I actually need one that could also be waterproof. I have a bad habit of not checking the radar when I leave to go do my outdoorsy stuff, and... we know how that ends.

(Preorder) $69.99
What I love about this is not just the retro look of it, but the comic scenes!! I grew up around comics thanks to my father, and somehow I must have this.

This next speaker, though, is bittersweet.
(Preorder) $39.99
The coolest thing about this Vulcan speaker? It has 9 sound clips that Spock would say! So, not only does it play music and answer your phone, you get to hear phrases like "Live long and prosper," which is very iconic. This is seriously one at the top of the list... for now.

The Whovian in me is really wanting this...
(Two choices) Tardis: $59.99
Assault Dalek: $59.99
Now, I have a Tardis candy/cookie jar sitting here on the desk that I got for Christmas a few years ago. You open the lid, then close it and the light blinks off/on, and it makes the noise the... Tardis makes. Each speaker also comes with 6 built-in sound clips. YES!! I would absolutely love to add this to my slowly-growing collection! (P.S. You can link more than speaker one for more power...) 

How can I not have a post sharing geeky speakers without adding Star Wars? Admit it. You saw that coming!
Not only is it Star Wars, but it lights up! So now I can rule the galaxy, and have my Death Star still in one piece while listening to The Cog is Dead. I'd say that's not a bad way to spend the weekend!

There are two more left! Let's get going.
Confession: This one is actually probably the best one I've found, but still doesn't bump out Spock in the #1 spot. This speaker, however, seems like a good fit. It has water/dust/sand/snow protection- which may be a good thing in Texas (minus our lack of snow.) It has a flashlight, it can jumpstart your car. How have I never noticed speakers like this before???

And to finish off, we're going with something that looks ALMOST like a Mr. Potato Head, but really isn't. Trust me. You'll see what I mean.
Now I really CAN rule the galaxy with the Sith Lord and our Death Star. But do you see why I said it reminded me of Mr. Potato Head? Yeah....  But if you have any Star Wars collection, this may end up somewhere in there.

I still have quite a bit of searching to do, but so far I'm liking what I'm seeing. Two thumbs up from this woman!

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