Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Famous Vehicles From Pop Culture- What Would You Drive?

There are some cars from pop culture that stay in your mind forever. Whether they're from your favorite movie, TV show, or comic books- those memories never leave. I was inspired by Turo to come up with what cars from pop culture I would drive, I knew I couldn't pass it up. Many, many ideas came to mind; including those that are not as popular as some may think.

So what is Turo? Turo is a car rental service. You can find a car to rent or rent out your own. However, right now, they have this awesome thing. Would you like to rent a Wagon Queen Family Truckster that was modeled after National Lampoon's Vacation movies. Who wouldn't want to pretend they're the Griswolds?
You can also rent their Aviato Escape, which is also a hybrid. Win-win! Go ahead and visit their rental page to find your car to take a trip. Get out of town for a bit! By renting out your own vehicle, you also get to make some extra money. If I had my own Batmobile, I'm sure I'd rent it out... Maybe.

Which cars would I drive? Great question! I believe if I had to narrow it down (which is hard to do, believe me), it would be just a few of these.

There's KITT from Knight Rider, the Aston Martin DB5 from James Bond (Goldfinger to be exact), Bluesmobile, and the General Lee. I was going to originally go with the more iconic cars- DeLorean, Batmobile, and Ecto 1. However, those seemed obvious. Plus, I'm sure I'd want to go back in time with said DeLorean. Until that's possible, I'm sticking with these.

Now, why these specific vehicles?
KITT is a supercomputer. Enough said.
The Aston Martin is not only gorgeous (I've always been a huge fan of classic cars), it had all of these gadgets that helped Mr. Bond capture the villains.
The Bluesmobile is in a league all of it's own. It didn't have the special features most of the iconic cars had, but it helped them complete their "mission from God."
Last, and certainly not least, The General Lee. I grew up watching The Dukes of Hazzard with my father, and the General has a soft spot right there.
If you had a choice of any vehicle in pop culture to get behind the wheel of, what would you choose? Let us know below!

The opinions expressed in this are my own.

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