Monday, January 2, 2017

Epic Nerd Camp- A Camp For Nerds!

I must admit, I've never been to camp- as a kid or otherwise. Not only did my family not have the funds for it, but I was also very, very shy. The thought of sharing a cabin with other kids, and/or having to talk to other people scared the heck out of me. While swimming and other camp activities seemed like a lot of fun, I admired them from afar. Plus, when you had to go to summer school for a few years, that ruins any plans you may have. (Side note: A few times summer school was actually fun, but the "getting up early" part wasn't.)

Now that I'm an adult and very social, going to camp sounds like my kind of vacation... Especially if it's a (here it comes...) camp for nerds! So when I came across a place like that that actually exists, I couldn't pass up sharing it. I would have felt bad for keeping it all to myself, while dreaming of actually attending one day. So, let's get on with it, shall we?


After reading up on this Epic Nerd Camp from their website and doing more research on it, I really wish that it was closer to Texas (it takes place in Pennsylvania), but at this point I'd be willing to travel for it!

Let's go over what it entails and costs.

What exactly is it?
Epic Nerd Camp is a summer camp where adults who enjoy gaming, fantasy, and sci-fi can spend up to a week playing tabletop games, live action role-playing, and doing activities IRL that characters do in-game. You’ll find out what it takes to be a hero as you learn swordplay, archery, level up your crafting skills, and even learn to fly.
When you aren’t busy with your hero training, you can kayak in the lake, challenge yourself on the ropes course, and roast s’mores on the campfire; after all, it is summer camp! (from the website)

Is it strictly for adults?
Yup. You must be 21+ to attend. Sorry, kids.

What are the activities?
Oh, I got excited reading about these!
  • Arts & Crafts (woodworking, cosplay construction, cartooning, etc) 
  • Circus (Trapeze, juggling, unicycle, etc) 
  • Pioneering (climbing, rappelling, shelter building, etc) 
  • And much more! (LARP, wizard duels... You get the idea)
Oh, did I also forget to mention board games? Yeah. They've got those, too!

How much?
It would just be much easier to send you over to the link for the tickets. I'd register fast though, since they do run out quickly.

I'm hoping to eventually have the ability to attend this one year. It would beat sweating out a summer here in the Lone Star State!

Be sure to visit the website for more information!

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If you've attended before, I'd love to hear all about it! Shoot me an e-mail or just follow me on the social medias on the sidebar. I'm genuinely curious!!

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