Thursday, December 8, 2016

When Clay Meets Horror (Clay Disarray)

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always loved horror movies- even though my mother thought I was too young for them. My father would sneak them in when it was just us. I think my very first horror movie was either "Halloween" or "The Poltergeist." He started me off on "The Crypt Keeper" first, then we went into the harder stuff. Now I know I could have written this during the October month, but I just recently found out about this artist.

When I came across Clay Disarray's posters/clay work, I started swooning. I couldn't stop looking at the wonderful detail and the coloring! Since this here blog showcases a plethora of other categories (see: fishing and cats), I thought that other horror lovers would enjoy this just as much as I do. Now, I will be the first one to admit that at one time in my life I DID try my hand at modeling clay. Let's just say that my mind had the grand idea of what I wanted to create, but my hands and fingers did not cooperate. I gave it up after my Santa came up looking much more like Gollum than the jolly guy.

So, I thought I'd share the work of someone who does it very well. Not to mention that some of it is slightly cute, even for being horror-related! (And yes, slightly jealous of Lizzie's ability)

So what's her inspiration for creating these? From her website-
As well as movies and music, I also enjoy looking at an array of art, illustration, sculpture and animation as I’ve a bit of an eclectic taste. There are so many brilliant artists out there whose work I admire, and I love nothing more than going to galleries to gain a little inspiration.

Guess what guys? She also has several stores where you can buy stuff!! Do you want art print? Well, slide on over to her Society6 store. How about some physical pieces? Visit her on Etsy. (She has Death Note and Jay & Silent Bob for sale. Definitely want!) Although, I must say I have my eye on some of her art prints. They are on my birthday/Christmas wishlist.

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