Friday, November 18, 2016

Meet Brother, My Furry Sidekick

Meet Brother, a dapper Siamese

The reason I am introducing you guys to him is because he's been by my side these last 10-11 years. He's a Siamese mix... more Siamese than the other part. Unfortunately, due to his age, he's slowly becoming blind- but that does not stop him.

What does Brother like? Good question. I think the better question would be "What DOESN'T he like?" He likes cheese (and before you get offended, he very rarely gets any), lying down on your face when you're trying to sleep at night, sleeping on the feet when it's cold. And last, but certainly not least, being picked up and carried. For some strange reason, he's done this since he was just a wee one. What he'll do is stare at you and meow until you pay him attention. He'll then get on his back feet and push his paws up toward you. We take this as "Pick me up, human... I demand to be carried around." We oblige simply because it's hard to say no to that cute little, furry face. Plus, since he is up there in age, it's easier on his 20 pound frame. Yes, that is a two and a zero. He is very healthy otherwise, so the 20 pounds is merely muscle and maybe a bit too much kibble.

"No photographs, please."

Now, why is he my sidekick? Ever since my days of anxiety, he always knew when I was needing some attention. He always knew, if I was having a really bad day, to stay by my side... And somehow, that became a habit of his. you know how hard it is for a human to break a habit? Well, it's even harder for a furry, four-legged destroyer to do that same. If you're working on something, there's no way you'll finish without locking yourself in a room he can't get in. He's notorious for sneaking in right behind you almost like a ninja. He's crafty and smart.

Oh, the bow tie he's wearing? These pictures are a year or so old, but I will gladly tell you where I got it! While browsing Etsy, I ran across Sweet Pickles Designs. I fell instantly in love with their bow ties and collars, so I ordered one for him. The name of this particular bow tie is called The Cat Burglar, and doesn't he look so dapper?? So, his nickname during this time wearing it became "The Dapper Siamese." The best thing about the bow ties? They are only $7!! Their collars, however, range anywhere from $12.99 to $16.99. I will warn ya though, they aren't your run-of-the-mill kitty collars. They have style, pizzazz, and all that jazz so the price is well worth it.

For now, though, Brother is content sleeping on the edge of my bed until it's time to eat or slink around the house looking for whatever arouses his attention and brilliant nose. (He could be sleeping like a log, and the smell of cheese from another room will wake him up... I wonder if this is the case for all Siamese cats.) A bit of a warning, though? If you do have cheese and he comes up to you, it's best to ignore him. Give him any attention and he will stick to you like velcro. Velcro with very sharp claws.

This is in no way a review of Sweet Pickles Designs. It is merely sharing the awesome bow ties and collars that this company has created. Thank you.

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