Thursday, November 24, 2016

Let's Steampunk It Up

Now that Thanksgiving is over (I think I overdid it on the pumpkin pie...), it's time to start shopping. Since it's been very, very warm here in Texas, it feels more like spring than it does fall! Needless to say, I'm jealous of you folks that have snow and all that wonderful cold weather.

I'm slowly accumulating a steampunk shelf- and while I have bits and pieces of things I've found (we'll get to that at a later date), I'm wanting to add just a bit more to it.

So... on my quest to find adorable things, I thought I'd share what I've come across while browsing and drooling over. Be prepared for precious and awesomeness!

Guild of Harmony
$13.95 AUD 

Even though this comes unpainted and some assembly is required, I would not mind! Of course, since, sadly, my painting ability is really bad, this figure would remain untouched with any color. It's gorgeous without it, though... right??

This next one is adorable beyond belief, and I feel like I've featured them on my blog before..... However, if I haven't then I may just end up giving them their own post.
Mystic Reflections on Etsy

Do I really, really need to go into how cute he is?

Now, I will be the first to admit that I've never been a huge fan of fairies. I don't know why but they've never held an appeal for me; and for those who do love those winged beauties, then I have something for ya!

Fairy Glen

Those wings ARE actually very pretty.

Confession: I've always wanted to reconstruct an air balloon/blimp/ship on a much smaller scale. The thought of having one float around any room (or heck, even outside) is kind of awesome. The amount of supplies you'll need is staggering though. So, finding a model kit is the next best thing! Yeah, I was shocked that they existed, too. Although, the price for some of them are a little "out of this world."

Industria Mechanika
(Note: Recommended for those who are skilled builders- which I am not)

I just want to note that the rustic look of this is quite appealing, and while it may be only 6 inches high and 3.5 inches wide, I would get several.... Just not at near $130 each.

I did find many other places, and they will get a highlight here too!

Etsy (of course!)

If you guys have any more places you shop, feel free to share. You can only visit Etsy so much before your "wishlist" becomes 3 miles long. 

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