Sunday, November 27, 2016

Being Hooked: Fishing to Stay Calm

Picture it. Not a cloud in the sky, a small breeze reaches across the lake. It's just you and nature. At that moment, you cast a line in and wait for the fish to start biting. While you may have worries and other stuff on your mind, the moment your pole jerks you don't think about any of that. You just want to bring your fish to the surface to see what you've caught.

That's a feeling you never let go of once you've started fishing. Fishing allows you to forget about the world for a little bit....

Gather around, kids. It's time for a story about fishing as a kid, and how I got back into it.

When me and my sister were wee young ones, our father would take us fishing every weekend he was off from work. We knew exactly what that meant- no sleeping the night before because we were so excited. We had no idea what we would catch or where we would go (our favorite place was the spillway,) but we didn't care. It was a chance to have some father-daughter time; just the three of us and whatever mother nature threw at us. We never fished when it was raining, storming, or brutally cold.

We'd wake up before the sun was, grab our gear- which included a Barbie fishing pole- and stop by the local bait shop to grab bait, drinks, and snacks. Once we were back in the car, off we'd go on an adventure! During these trips, we were taught all of the things a father teaches about fishing. This includes casting, reeling in fish, and how to take your slippery, finned-one off your hook. Those things I have never forgotten.

Now that I am a lot older, I've learned a few more tricks from my boyfriend, and the great wide web. While I think the fishing gene never left, it was just staying dormant for the last 15 years until "S" got me thinking this past spring that I wanted to remember what it felt like again to hold a pole and reel in a big ol' catfish. (Why does that feel like a run-on sentence....)

I still worry about things in my life, that is quite normal. However, when it becomes overwhelming I grab a tackle box, my favorite fishing rod and head on down to the water. It's relaxing the point where I can easily allow myself to take a fresh look at whatever is on my mind and/or how to handle it.

I'm a fisherman (fisherwoman??) and I wouldn't want it any other way.

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