Thursday, September 25, 2014

That's The Way The Cookie Crumbles

Well, long time no see, eh? This is the fault of our back-to-being-trusty laptop. The screen on it blitzed out about the middle of July, meaning we could no longer use it. There were options: 1) Spending about $200 to replace it. (We didn't have that kind of money), or 2) Grab a VGA to HDMI converter and a desk monitor. We went with Door #2, and it is a winner!! We may have had to wait until we could get everything set up and running, but you can bet that it's good to be connected again. I've missed writing, and sometimes journaling isn't the same. Let the creativity flow again!!

While on the long hiatus, I've done some thinking. Okay, so it has been more of a "If only...," but I'm not sure which way I want to take this blog. I want to keep writing about my life through anxiety, and my love for Star Wars and Steampunk, but you can only do so much before you get burned out on it. I guess that's why I had stopped for a while (before the screen problems.) So, with that said, I'm going to come up with some ideas for future content! I'll have Twin come up with some ideas as well. You know what they say, right? "Two heads are better than one."

Welcome to my Thursday night ramblings and nonsensical musings. It's going to be a fun comeback.

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