Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Weird Dreaming

Disclaimer: This is not about anxiety for once. I'm merely venting about the amount of confusing dreams I've been having. It may or may not also include a dream with David Tennant. Viewing discretion is advised.

Well, hello hello!! I know it's been a while since I've done any kind of blog postings. I won't lie: I had hit writer's block. I would type out what I thought would be a good post and see that it seemed absolutely lame. While I've had no problems writing in my journal, a blog post is different. Believe me, I've been tempted to take a whole journal page and put it out for the world to see.... but that probably won't happen. Probably.

I've been doing some thinking, or pondering. I've always had weird dreams for as long as I can remember, and there is one where I don't want to rehash because of how close it hits to home. To put it simply, what in the world is my brain thinking when I fall asleep at night?

This past year, I've had between 2-4 dreams about zombies. I'm just going to go ahead and blame The Walking Dead for those. Then there are those strange ones that are "WHAT THE FRICK????" For example, we'll take the one I had earlier this week. (This is the one that includes David Tennant. *drool*)

It was Halloween evening, the sun was still going down. My mom, sister, and I were sitting out on the front porch with a dog. (Note: We don't have a dog.) As I looked around, I started seeing zombies. I also saw a rabid animal with red eyes. I turned around to tell Mom and Angela to run, but when I saw my mom's eyes, I knew we were in trouble. Her eyes were also red. So me and Angela ran to the next door neighbor's house to find a safe spot, and that's when we saw David Tennant as The Doctor. He told me that the only way to save the world is that I must be turned into a vampire and do what vampires do. That if I did that, they would create a cure for zombies and other weird beings. After I did, The Doctor turned into a white light and just evaporated. I then turned back into a human.
The only thing I remember after that is the rest of the humans in the house were running and hiding from some fast zombie-hybrids. I don't remember if I saved the world or if my mom returned back to normal.

I have so many weird dreams that I remember, but not many of the good ones. It would be nice if we can only record the ones where we've kissed a crush, did something fantastically famous, or something a little more explicit. It would also be nice if we could skip over the ones that scare the crap out of us.

Our subconscious comes to the save once again.
(P.S. I'm still wondering how The Doctor slipped in. Huh...)

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