Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Geektastic Tuesday: Personal Steampunk Style

Since I am relatively new to the steampunk genre (about a year behind the Nutcase), I have this time to develop what I call my personal steampunk style. Since I love the long dresses of the Victorian era, but also love science, I think the character that suits me best is either a mad scientist or inventor. I'm leaning towards inventor.

Anyways, for those that share my love of Victorian dresses and science, these may tickle your fancy! (Oh, and you probably won't see any corsets because I refuse to wear one. I like to breathe.)

Love everything about this. But you can also just buy the skirt.

I think I found THE perfect hat... Except it's $378!! And maybe a little darker with more detail.

Shoes make the outfit, no matter WHAT era you're from. So for those that like long dresses, you don't need to go full out on shoes, but you do need something that pops some personality (in case you fall down and still want to look awesome.)
Ever since I saw these shoes, I have wanted them! Only $100!

Now I just have to decide what accessories would make this inventor look great! Any ideas?

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