Thursday, June 12, 2014

Geektastic Thursday: Shine A Light

Sorry that Geektastic Tuesday is a little late. We've been dealing with a couple of things here at the Geeky Nutcase house, and to be honest, I didn't think about it until last night! Oops. Sorry!

Anyway, one thing we all need in our lives and homes is light. Most of the time, we get it from lamps. Unfortunately, our lamps are drab, and even 1 is missing a shade. (Gasp!) So I went in search of a some cool lamps that might be worthy enough to grace our geeked out bedroom!

While I mourn the loss of that young zapper, I think I'm in love with this lamp. I hated that damn dog!

It's not exactly geeky, but ever since I saw A Christmas Story, I have wanted a leg lamp.

It might be a homemade steampunk lamp, but it would go great with our old wooden desk!

I don't care if it doesn't light up the room. Shut up and take my money for this Darth Vader lamp!

Yes, I think they are all very worthy of gracing our bedroom. Yes.

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