Monday, June 9, 2014

#Anxiety - From The Twin's POV

We know people who suffer from General Anxiety Disorder have a hard time opening up to strangers, especially if some of the anxiety is brought on by new social experiences. But when a twin sister suffers from GAD, the other sister is often her rock - emotionally, physically, and mentally. We often NEVER hear from that other twin...

I thought that since we rarely hear from the family's side of anxiety, this would be the perfect outlet for me to explain what that "rock" goes through.

Anxiety does not take a vacation. Even the slightest change can bring someone who suffers to their knees. I have seen it. But because the Nutcase and I are so close, I often feel her anxiety a little bit. When she cries because she is having a panic attack, I want to cry with her. In fact, I have bawled right along side her a few times. When she feels nausea because of a change she can't handle, I feel sick as well.

Sometimes the effects aren't just physical. I can often tell she's have a panic attack just by the feeling in the room. It is electric and fast-moving. It can be best described as chaos. I guess you can describe anxiety as the professor of chaos. Have you seen the South Park episode where Butters becomes Professor Chaos? Imagine the chaos he causes (which is minimal but still funny) times 20,000 and you have the idea of what an anxiety-filled room feels like.

It is hard to see someone you are so close to have an anxiety attack, big or small. You don't know exactly what is going on in their mind and brain, but it hurts to see them go through that. You wish there is something you can do help, but just letting them have their moment is what you need to do. It's a lot harder than you think. Saying, "Everything will be alright." is definitely the wrong thing to say. They have to learn how to ride the waves, instead of depending on a floatie. Once in a while, I just want to hug her until the attack rolls away.

It can take a toll on a family if they are not ready, haven't researched what to do, or don't even try to help the sufferer. The best thing you can do when someone is having an attack and you just want to cry? Cry. They'll probably cry right beside you and that is okay. Our crying sessions usually end up in laughter and weirdness.

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