Friday, May 16, 2014

The Walking Dead: What Is Going on at Terminus?!

I was doing a survey today about The Walking Dead (squee!) when I decided to get some more information on Terminus. On The Walking Dead's wikia page, it said that there was a deleted scene from the season 4 finale where walkers are chained up and there are *yuck* remains on the floor. Wait! What?! So I decided to do a little digging and I came across a picture where it shows Rick and Michone in a room with the remains and walkers in Terminus. Ready to have your mind blown?

(Photo Credit) In all honesty, this should have been part of the episode!
I read the comments on the page where I found the picture and everyone comes to the same conclusion: Terminus is using walkers for consumption. If you remember, you can hear the word "help" being called when Rick and the gang arrive at Terminus, but it isn't coming from the area where Glenn and the others are being held. It is coming from other containers. So either Terminus is feeding the people to the zombies, thus keeping them alive for consumption, OR Terminus is feeding the zombies to its residents, turning them, thus keeping "food" available.

Another thing is the shrine with the candles and notes to loved ones, but could the captive zombies also hold another bit part? Could Terminus be feeding passersby to the walkers, keeping them animated?

We won't know until either A) more information is leaked out as we get closed to Season 5 or B) we wait until Season 5.

Oh, and you might want to check out the Movie Pilot page. A lot of people have some great theories! And if anyone comes across the actual deleted scene video footage, post the link in comment. I wanna see it!

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