Tuesday, May 20, 2014

#DoctorWho Party Ideas!

Okay, so the Twin and I are now officially hooked on Doctor Who. We watched the Boom Town episode last night, and laughed our rear ends off. Since we turn 30 in December, how geeky would it be to have a 30th Doctor Who party? So I went searching of ideas, and I think we may have to start saving NOW... Too many great ideas!

Oh my god, I want! Un/forutunately, there is a printable available at Etsy for only $6.75.

I am in love with this Tardis invitation!
I wonder if I could get them to put our actual coordinates on there.

I think the party will be super delicious! Recipe is at the bottom.

Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of awesome decoration ideas, though I could think of a million different ideas. But I did come across this cool-looking door that I might have to do for the party. Though I won't be painting it. Our landlord wouldn't like it.
It's bigger on the inside.

Would you have a Doctor Who party? 

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