Sunday, April 20, 2014

Take A Journal Break

At the moment, my journal is starting to sound like Groundhog's Day- the same worries over and over. The first entry of the day always starts off with my anxieties. Now that I think about it, that's probably a good thing. After that, I can continue to write about what else is on my mind. Sadly, they are neither exciting nor blog-worthy. They will stay locked in the vault!

When I start feeling bogged down by this disorder, I start a "break" page. If you follow me on my personal Facebook, you'll notice a photo album labeled "Break Pages." These are some doodles (or lack thereof) that I do in between 4 or 5 journal entries.
Loops galore!

Down the Tim Burton-esque spiral!
(Two of many break pages)

I've really come to enjoy drawing patterns. Repetition is my friend, apparently. It stirs creativity and I can concentrate on something else. HOORAY!!

Although this isn't completely new, I recently found out Zentangle! It's fun and allows your creativity to just flow!! For more information, you can visit here. At, there are many patterns to help you get started.

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