Tuesday, April 22, 2014

MapCrunch Game

While bored and cruising through Pinterest, I came across this picture:

I decided to check it out and see if it is as fun as it's made out to be.

Let me say this: It is! It's like you are taking a vacation while not having to leave your house. Of course, trying to look for an airport when you have no idea where in the world you are? It's only a little frustrating.

During my first try, I was dropped in the middle of a country road surrounded by trees/bushes. After realizing that no matter what road I turned on, the countryside just kept going and going and wanted to really see where I was. What country was I in? Co. Meath, Ireland.
I've always wanted to visit Ireland, so this kind of works.

To change it where you cannot see the country you are in, just click "Options" at the top, and then put a check mark in "Stealth." Once you have done that, click on "GO!" and then you are ready for an adventure. If you want to see what country you are in, just repeat the steps (minus "go.)

This is Tuesday excitement.

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