Saturday, April 26, 2014

Anxiety Update #1,545,268

It's been a while since I've probably updated on how my anxiety is going. The question is, do I go with the long version or the short version? For the sake of being lazy, I'll simply make it short and sweet.

It's been up and down, consistently I must say. For a few minutes/hours, I'll be fine and happy. Shortly after, the anxiety goes right back up. It's getting annoying and frustrating. Stress, for me, really tends to drive it up. Right now, the stress level is higher than I am comfortable with, but I'm learning to stay calm. I have to remember that even though my brain would love to freak out, I will be okay. I've survived many other stressful moments, so I can push through this obstacle as well.

For a while I let my anxiety define who I was. I let it control my emotions and personality. Now, I'm back to my weird, quirky, and funny self. I still worry every single day, every single hour, but I'm allowing my personality to shine through.

Now I just hope that I can ignore this chocolate craving. Ice cream and a cheesy movie sounds like the perfect Saturday night plan.

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