Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What Inspired Me to Start The Geeky Nutcase

I've had this question plaguing my mind for the past few days, and I just have to answer it.

The question was/is: What possessed me to start a blog around anxiety, and all the the things that come with it? Well, it's a long, boring story, but I'll do my best to pep it up.

My sister had been in the hospital around New Years 2013 with a horrible staph infection and cellulitis. (I stayed day and night there. She's my twin sister so we share an unbreakable bond.) A few days in, she developed Type B flu. I wasn't surprised. There had been other people sick in the emergency room before she was admitted. Sleep was very little for both of us, so I worked on my book and chatted with friends on Facebook. It was a good distraction. The night before she was released, I developed the flu as well. A week or two of bed rest, sleeping, and yucky things that need not be repeated. NOT REPEATED I TELL YA! Luckily, she was feeling almost like herself again, and my weary mind was happy for that.

One night when I was up taking cough medicine, I decided that I needed a place to share my journey dealing with anxiety- even if my family and close friends read it. I was tired of dealing with the turmoil internally. I ran the idea by sister and mom, and they were on board and ready to go. I just needed a name for it. I don't remember who actually came up with the name, but it seemed almost appropriate. I'm geeky/nerdy/dorky, and well, a bit of a nutcase.

I don't write here just for the heck of it. It's almost like a "therapy" for me. Cheap therapy. Free therapy. (Free is good, right?) While I still journal every single night, The Geeky Nutcase is becoming a habit. A good habit, actually.

So what actually inspired me to start this? Life did. I wanted to share my experiences with anxiety and perhaps other people will realize they are not alone.

One day I'll tell the long story of what initially caused the anxiety. Until then, I'm keeping that locked up in my brain.

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