Sunday, February 23, 2014


Put a big, red circle around March 8 and 9 of this year! Here is why:

Waco will be having its first-ever Comic Con!! *SQUEE* That means that for those who don't have the money to fly and go to those huge Comic Cons, we will be able to have fun at a smaller venue!

Ticket Prices:
CLICK HERE (There are a lot of ticket prices due to the amount of events)
Parking will be free

Guests: (Not all of them will be listed here)
Manu Bennett
Kevin McNally
Lee Arenberg
Walter E Jones (original Black Power Ranger)
David Yost (original Blue Power Ranger)
For the extensive list, click'eth here.

Here are some of the awesome, wonderful things that will be going on:

Cosplay Contest (I have no other information on what time or day it will be)
Zombie Apocalypse Tank Ride (You must purchase a ticket for $40 with a $1.99 fee charge.)

Plus, you will have the chance to meet and get photo ops with the above guests.

You can follow The Heart of Texas Comic Con on Facebook, Twitter, and at their website.

I unfortunately won't be going, but for those that are, BRING BACK PICTURES!!

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