Saturday, January 25, 2014

"LUCKY" Pennant Banner/Garland

Saturdays are usually lazy for us because of the hectic week. Since we didn't feel like playing Steam Park (with the hundreds of pieces), it was craft time! Plus, it was cloudy and cold. The creative juices were flowing, and to be honest, I was itching to do something constructive. I'm not sure where the idea came from. I think it was from Pinterest that my sister saw it and thought, "YES! I SHALL CREATE THIS!"

Let's get on with it, shall we?
Believe me, it's a lot more colorful than the camera let on.

Materials Needed
Green paint chip cards (we used 15 small and big ones)
Ribbon or string

1) Cut 9 of your cards into pennant shapes. Depending on the size, they may be smaller than these. That's okay.

2) Start drawing your "LUCKY" betters onto remaining cards. Once you have every letter, cut them out and set them aside.

3) If you have space left over on your cards, you can draw and cut out 6 shamrocks.

I'm already feeling Lucky! (I know, I know. That was bad.)

Grab your glue or tape. It's time to put it all together!

4) Arrange your letters onto your pennants. For us, we put the dark letters on light-colored pennants and light-colored letters on dark pennants for a contrast in color.

5) Now, if you were able to do shamrocks, it's time to add those, as well. Glue one on each pennant that does not have a letter. These are our spacers. The spacer AFTER the "Y" will have 2 shamrocks.

6) Once all letters and shamrocks have been glued or taped to your garland, it's time for stringing!
(Warning: Sorry, no pictures of this next step. We got overexcited. Heh.)

7) If you are using ribbon, cut a small slit at the top of each pennant to glide the ribbon through. 

If you are using string, loop a piece of tape on your finger and gently place it on each backside of the pennants. (I know there's another word I could be using there.) Grab your string, and slide it through the loops of tape. 

Make sure your ribbon or string is long enough to not only hold all 9 pieces, but to hang up as well.

It is a fun and easy craft to do. Also, it was completely free. That's always a plus, right?

Now I really want to do some more crafting. I've been bitten by the bug!

(Images used with permission from Edge of Insanity)

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