Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Let The Board Games Begin!

HAPPY 2014! My first day of the new year has been kind to me, and that is always a good start.

A few weeks ago, my sister told me she was going to review a board game for her blog. When she told me the name of it, I got very excited- Steam Park by Cranio Creations and Iello Games. Board games for this family have always been our go-to fun when we're bored. This one has been moved to the #1 spot for me and sister.

First off, a picture of the box.
It's a lot more colorful in real life.

Let me just preface this by saying there are a total of over 300 pieces in this game. I believe that is more than Monopoly. STILL FUN THOUGH!

The idea of Steam Park is to build your own steam park and win with the most amount money, or Danari. You "build" your own rides and stands to "attract"' visitors. Of course, there are many rules, and once you get the hang of it (and many restarts), it becomes very fun!
The piggy! (Where your dice go after rolling 3 times)

There's a lot more to it. O_O

Just so colorful! (Rides with a visitor.)

There are 6 phases that you will go through. If you have an hour (or plus), you can play this game.
The purple octopus ride!

We had a ton of fun! We taunted each other, laughed, and even muttered some sayings under our breaths. Those don't dare be repeated. All in all, it is quite addicting. What a way to start 2014 off!

I'm not sure it is for sale yet, so you can certainly check out Cranio Creations and Iello Games. Hopefully it comes to stores soon!

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