Sunday, January 26, 2014

Disney's Belle or Ariel Cosplay?

I've been doing some thinking lately, and I've come to the decision that I'd like to dabble in cosplay. To be honest, it's always been in the back of my mind. How awesome would it be to emulate your very favorite character?

Like other kids, I grew up watching Disney movies, and I personally loved The Little Mermaid and Beauty & The Beast. Who didn't want to live underwater? Who didn't want a HUGE library like that? Okay, so it wasn't only the library. It was also the talking furniture...... Nonetheless, those two were always my favorite. So, I decided do some searching for cosplay costumes that would make me squeal with delight.

Let's start off with Belle first.
I suddenly have the urge to find a field and start singing.
I love everything about this.The bow in the hair. The colors. The shape. It's perfect!

This is absolutely GORGEOUS!
That scalloped look? I'll take 2!

Having both of those in my closet would make me already feel like a princess.

Now we swim over to Ariel.

Unfortunately, I'm one of those who don't like a lot of their body showing, but I'd be willing to ignore the awkward, anxious feeling for it.
Yana-Mio @ deviantART
There. Are. No. Words.
Can we just say how pretty that tail is?

ObsidiansAtelier @ deviantART
Simple and beautiful. I must have that dress!
May I say that this is just wonderful? Everything fits together, and works in unison. I love it!

I've realized something, if I am to start cosplay, I will most likely use deviantART for some inspiration or ideas. Some of those people are talented with a capital "AWESOME!"

For you cosplayers out there, do you have any advice for a novice?

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