Sunday, December 15, 2013

Luke, I Am Your Snowflake

I live in Texas, and in my area, we don't get snow. If and when we do, it's only a light dusting- pretty, but snowball fight or snowman making it isn't. Because I love the cold weather as well, I get excited if I even see snow flurries. That's pretty sad, isn't it? You can agree. I won't be offended.

Since we are forever bereft (I just realized I haven't used that word in such a long time. Seriously, how often does it come up in normal, everyday conversation?) of snow, I decided to make my own paper snowflakes. Remember those you would often make in elementary school? However, these are a lot different than the glittered ones we made when we were 5. Thanks to Pinterest (once again), I found templates to Star Wars snowflakes.

Click on the picture to be taken to them!

Since I totally skipped last year in snowflake making, I'm jumping on the train this year. Herrera's 2013 designs include the Rancor, Solo in Carbonite.... you get the idea. Those I will do later. For now, we decided to stick with his designs from 2012 like Luke, Ewok, Leia, Yoda.
R-2 looks somewhat like a dalek.

(PS: Did I mention these are completely free to download? Cause they are.)
Imperial Royal Guard (by Mom)

Scout Trooper (done by sis!)

Darth Vader (Moi!)

A little bit of advice? An X-Acto knife will come in handy for those tiny little pieces. Lesson learned the hard way! By the way, if you are bad with scissors, choose an easy design. My poor Ewok didn't make it this time.

If you have trouble with the accordion-style, the video really helps!

Happy Holidays from my family to yours!

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