Friday, December 13, 2013

I'm Back!

First off, I just want to apologize for taking off and just leaving the blog to get dusty.

Now, why did I just leave? Well, I needed to step back and deal with the anxiety demons that didn't want to go away. I was feeling "smothered" by said demons, so I needed to re-evaluate what I was doing wrong in handling every day situations. Luckily, I was able to lasso those suckers!

Good news, though: I am doing MUCH better! Although there are several times I've had nervous breakdowns, that number is smaller than it has before. As I said when I started The Geeky Nutcase, writing allowed me to concentrate on something other that my anxiety. To keep that same feeling, I've decided to start it up again. I am as happy as a Stormtrooper finally hitting his target. (Well, I'm happy about it nonetheless.)

(Imagine this area as a hilarious venture into how crazy the holidays are and sleep doesn't happen.)

So I am pretty sure I am 95% finished with everything that needs to be done. Just a few more things and I will have scratched off everything on my list- except make those gorgeous Christmas cookies you see on Pinterest. One day, my sweets.... one day.

Oh, and before I end this reintroduction post, here is a picture of our tree.
It's so pretty! It has had several hugs with the floor thanks to our furry, four-legged destroyers. Now it mainly consists of plastic and paper ornaments. I'm hoping to remedy the disaster area of ornament deaths next year.

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