Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Steampunk DIY Links

I'm going to be lazy with this today. The heat we've been having lately has turned my brain into mush. Not only that, but my anxiety is a little high (facing another anxiety fear tomorrow. Oh joy.).

Earlier today, my twin sister was feeling crafty. So, on her wild Pinterest binge, she decided that sometime in the next few months, she'd do a Steampunk DIY with me! I almost got so excited I jumped up and down. However, I was too lazy to move that much at that moment. I am slowly pulling her into the Steampunk hole- where she will not escape it's grasp.

*ahem* I've gotten off track.

Anywho, this lead me to search for goggle DIY. This is for the fact that it'd be much more fun to make them instead of buy them. While I came across a ton of good ones, some of them involved tools I don't have- like a dremel. I might have to invest in one in the future. Ya know? Just in case another "OHMYGODIMUSTMAKEIT!" do-it-yourselfer comes along.

So I don't delay the linkage any further with the rambling, here's a few of the ones I found that I absolutely loved:

NERF Gun into Steampunk Gun (To the store!)
Steampunk Mr. Potato Head (AAH!! ADORABLE!!)
Steampunk Pocket Belt (To the store again!)
Steampunk Gauges (Gauges. Gauges. Gauges.)

Now, I know this isn't exactly a something for a Steampunk outfit, but these cupcakes are too cute. These would be good for my birthday in December (hey family, hinty hint hint!)

Steampunk Cupcakes (I'm in love with that hat.)

I'll be dreaming of those cupcakes tonight!

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  1. Seriously wanting some of those cupcakes--too cute! And I'll admit, I own a dremel. I love the thing. So randomly handy.


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