Monday, May 13, 2013

Steampunk Browsing

Let's see.... It's the day after Mother's Day, and it's a Monday. Even the word "Monday" makes me want to run and hide until tomorrow. For some reason, Mondays tend to be considered evil in this house- even with positive thinking that it'll be a good day.


Perhaps one day, it will be just as great as the weekend is.

On one upside, I am facing one of my anxiety fears today. That's something, right?

Anywhooooo.... I'm still coming up with my Steampunk persona. So while I somewhat have it down, I've been doing some online browsing, all the while drooling over delicious clothes, accessories and whatnot. There are several places that I have fallen in love with and keep a close eye on.

Rebels Market has become my #1 place for wishlisting. The amount of money I've spent in my head is staggering. Of course, this is just in my head, and I'm thankful that my bank account won't allow me to buy 95% of it. Thank you, bank account.

Here are a few of my faves that I'm absolutely ga ga over.
Not exactly steampunk-ish, but I. LOVE. IT.

I don't mind that it's made for a gentleman. I must have it!

It looks like a robot, doesn't it?

I'm mesmerized by the color alone.
A few other of my favorite websites are:

Clockwork Couture
Steampunk Emporium

And of course...


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  1. Of course you must include Etsy! I love to mind-shop there too :)


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