Thursday, May 23, 2013

Geektastic Thursday: Computer Stuffs

Good evening, geeks and geekettes! It's been a rough week for me as far as anxiety goes. while some days were better than others, overall I'm glad that this week is close to ending. The weekend is within my grasp, and I plan to take hold of it as tightly as I can!

I bow down to Saturday and Sunday!
Now I wish I had a desktop PC.

I've been recently thinking of buying some things to make my computer seem "cooler." Right now, it's just this bland of a technology thing. While it gets the job done, I just want something cool to stare at while I get some work done. Maybe that's what attributing to my laziness.... (We'll just go with that, m'kay?)

I had a little help with this week's Geektastic Thursday. My assistant's (I'm calling Twin my assistant in this instant. HA!) research skills are much stronger than my own at the moment.

As of lately, I've been obsessed with USB flash drives. I couldn't tell you why. (WHY MUST I RHYME WITH EVERY SENTENCE????). I'm guessing that it's because I always think I have way too much crapola on this thing, and worry about running out of space.
Seriously, childhood memories!

While I share the "office" space with pretty much anyone, I'm not sure how much I need a protector for it. To be honest, I'd only get it just so I can scare the cats with it.

Okay, I've got 3 words for you: USB Rocket Launcher. What comes to mind? Nothing? Let the fun begin! (Believe me, you'll want this just for the sheer hilarity of the things you could launch.)

At night, I have one lone lamp that lights up my work area. It works, but eh.... it's pretty bland. Pretty normal. If you know me, I'm no where NEAR normal. I want this bad boy! (And somehow, the "Cops" theme song pops into my head after saying that.)

I think I'll spend a few more hours coming up with a list of things I must have. That's right. Must. Have.

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