Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Steampunk DIY Links

I'm going to be lazy with this today. The heat we've been having lately has turned my brain into mush. Not only that, but my anxiety is a little high (facing another anxiety fear tomorrow. Oh joy.).

Earlier today, my twin sister was feeling crafty. So, on her wild Pinterest binge, she decided that sometime in the next few months, she'd do a Steampunk DIY with me! I almost got so excited I jumped up and down. However, I was too lazy to move that much at that moment. I am slowly pulling her into the Steampunk hole- where she will not escape it's grasp.

*ahem* I've gotten off track.

Anywho, this lead me to search for goggle DIY. This is for the fact that it'd be much more fun to make them instead of buy them. While I came across a ton of good ones, some of them involved tools I don't have- like a dremel. I might have to invest in one in the future. Ya know? Just in case another "OHMYGODIMUSTMAKEIT!" do-it-yourselfer comes along.

So I don't delay the linkage any further with the rambling, here's a few of the ones I found that I absolutely loved:

NERF Gun into Steampunk Gun (To the store!)
Steampunk Mr. Potato Head (AAH!! ADORABLE!!)
Steampunk Pocket Belt (To the store again!)
Steampunk Gauges (Gauges. Gauges. Gauges.)

Now, I know this isn't exactly a something for a Steampunk outfit, but these cupcakes are too cute. These would be good for my birthday in December (hey family, hinty hint hint!)

Steampunk Cupcakes (I'm in love with that hat.)

I'll be dreaming of those cupcakes tonight!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy Geek Pride Day!

A few days ago, I received an e-mail that said "Happy Geek Pride Day!" I didn't really know we had a day, so I had to search to see what day it actually landed on- and that would be May 25th.

We. Have. A. Day. Hooray!!

Let your geek flag fly!!! (I need to get me a flag to actually fly. If you see a flag that says "Geek" on it, would you pass it to me?)

In other news, I've decided to do a caffeine cleansing of my body. I will be going 30 days without any soda, or pop. So far, I'm on day two, and I'm not sure how well this will go over. I know that I'm doing it for my health. Studies show/say that caffeine makes anxiety worse. It's not just for my anxiety health, but as well as for my physical health. However, I am starting to crave that carbonated goodness! That syrupy, dark, overloading-my-tastebuds goodness.

I've heard that it takes 30 days to break a habit. In that case, there are other habits I need to break, but I'd be pretty boring without those habits. Plus, having some sort of "routine" allows me to concentrate on something else other than the anxiety.

One foot in front of the other, right? I SHALL CONQUER THE CAFFEINE MOUNTAIN! (that sweet, sweet mountain....)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Geektastic Thursday: Computer Stuffs

Good evening, geeks and geekettes! It's been a rough week for me as far as anxiety goes. while some days were better than others, overall I'm glad that this week is close to ending. The weekend is within my grasp, and I plan to take hold of it as tightly as I can!

I bow down to Saturday and Sunday!
Now I wish I had a desktop PC.

I've been recently thinking of buying some things to make my computer seem "cooler." Right now, it's just this bland of a technology thing. While it gets the job done, I just want something cool to stare at while I get some work done. Maybe that's what attributing to my laziness.... (We'll just go with that, m'kay?)

I had a little help with this week's Geektastic Thursday. My assistant's (I'm calling Twin my assistant in this instant. HA!) research skills are much stronger than my own at the moment.

As of lately, I've been obsessed with USB flash drives. I couldn't tell you why. (WHY MUST I RHYME WITH EVERY SENTENCE????). I'm guessing that it's because I always think I have way too much crapola on this thing, and worry about running out of space.
Seriously, childhood memories!

While I share the "office" space with pretty much anyone, I'm not sure how much I need a protector for it. To be honest, I'd only get it just so I can scare the cats with it.

Okay, I've got 3 words for you: USB Rocket Launcher. What comes to mind? Nothing? Let the fun begin! (Believe me, you'll want this just for the sheer hilarity of the things you could launch.)

At night, I have one lone lamp that lights up my work area. It works, but eh.... it's pretty bland. Pretty normal. If you know me, I'm no where NEAR normal. I want this bad boy! (And somehow, the "Cops" theme song pops into my head after saying that.)

I think I'll spend a few more hours coming up with a list of things I must have. That's right. Must. Have.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Geektastic Thursday: It's BATMAN!

After an up and down week of anxiety, I'm happy to concentrate on something else. Yay for superheroes!

Who has the number? Oh wait...

It was a choice between Batman, Spiderman, or Star Trek. Batman won the invisible coin toss.

I don't remember when I first saw it, but a few years ago, I saw Domo Kun, and I've become somewhat entranced with him. So, while browsing for this week's Geektastic Thursday, I saw something I have to share! You'll love it. I promise.

I'm drooling right now. It's not because there's chocolate around, but because of some heels I've found. Batman + High-heeled shoes= Ecstasy for this woman! *thumbs up goes here*

Sock monkeys are cute, right? Confession: I have a tiny sock monkey that has no friend, nor does he have a body guard. He currently sits on a shelf with Little Gene Simmons, who just wants to play his guitar. So, I think I might have to get this little guy for their protection.

I don't have kids, but I know many of ya'll do. If you have little girls, I'm sure rompers are much more useful at times. Batman to the rescue!

I'd like to thank both of my parents for any Batman movies/shows that was shown during my childhood. Good choice!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Steampunk Browsing

Let's see.... It's the day after Mother's Day, and it's a Monday. Even the word "Monday" makes me want to run and hide until tomorrow. For some reason, Mondays tend to be considered evil in this house- even with positive thinking that it'll be a good day.


Perhaps one day, it will be just as great as the weekend is.

On one upside, I am facing one of my anxiety fears today. That's something, right?

Anywhooooo.... I'm still coming up with my Steampunk persona. So while I somewhat have it down, I've been doing some online browsing, all the while drooling over delicious clothes, accessories and whatnot. There are several places that I have fallen in love with and keep a close eye on.

Rebels Market has become my #1 place for wishlisting. The amount of money I've spent in my head is staggering. Of course, this is just in my head, and I'm thankful that my bank account won't allow me to buy 95% of it. Thank you, bank account.

Here are a few of my faves that I'm absolutely ga ga over.
Not exactly steampunk-ish, but I. LOVE. IT.

I don't mind that it's made for a gentleman. I must have it!

It looks like a robot, doesn't it?

I'm mesmerized by the color alone.
A few other of my favorite websites are:

Clockwork Couture
Steampunk Emporium

And of course...


Monday, May 6, 2013

May Is Mental Health Awareness Month

I had no idea how I was going to start this particular post.

I could have...

  1. Rehashed the fact that I have an anxiety disorder. We all know that by now!
  2. Started with "Did you know how many people in the United States have....."
  3. Started with a few sentences on how I never get enough sleep before going into why May was dubbed Mental Health Awareness Month.
I find it weird how there's a stigma attached to those who do have mental health problems. If you have anxiety, you're just paranoid. If you're depressed, then you need to get over it. There's no way one can possibly break the vicious cycle that is wired within our brains. There's no "shut off" button (or none that I've found) that we can just push and turn it all off.

Mental Health Awareness Month is raising awareness for all of those who do suffer from some form of it. Depression and anxiety aren't just the only ones. There's stress (there is such a thing as chronic stress), schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorders, and much more. 

Before I was diagnosed, I had no idea that I'd ever be part of raising awareness for mental disorders. But now I understand what it's all about. It's just not about saying "I'm not letting my mental disorder define me," but it's getting out the information ABOUT them. Not everyone understands/knows what someone with Bipolar Disorder goes through, or how a schizophrenic lives their life day to day.

Because I do have this blog, and I do let you in my [almost] day-to-day life of anxiety, I'm at least getting the word out there little by little.

For more information on Mental Health, visit National Institute of Mental Health

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Geektastic Thursday: The Nightmare Before Christmas

I've been procrastinating again! Every time I think that I'll finally have another Geektastic Tuesday, I say to myself, "Well, I'm sure that it can wait another hour." Eventually, it becomes 2 days before I realize, "Holy blazing balls! Where did Tuesday go? I'm pretty sure we skipped that day." Just another day in paradise.

Anyone a fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton? No? Yes? Maybe? I am! I remember that I was 9 when it came out. Wait, let me do some math to confirm this. Confirmed it is. My mom thought it was too scary for me and my sister at the time; so, she waited until we were 13 to let us watch it.

Can you believe that it was 20 years ago this year when it came out? Wow.....

I was going to say "Rarely do I gush over shoes..." But the woman/girly part inside of me screamed with glee when I saw these bad boys. Hand painted? Even my own "drawing" of Jack comes out looking weird.

With Spring somewhat around (I say somewhat because we keep having cold spells), I love planting flowers whenever I can get away with it. It's a shame I can't find any flower pots.... OH WAIT! I found some!

Confession: Oogie Boogie used to scare the living daylights out of me. Luckily, I've found the perfect costume for Halloween this year! Sah-weeeeet!

I don't have a lot of jewelry, but I'm slowly accumulating some. Right now, the few pieces I do have are in a padded, yellow envelope. I know, perfect place for them, right? Would this just be awesome?

Girls night out. It just screams drinks and dancing- or wine and chocolate at home with movies of Johnny Depp. I'd drink wine out of this and make it a (or is it "an") unique experience!

I think it's time I pop in my VHS tape (Yes. I still have a VCR!), grab some chips, soda, and my bestie!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Free Comic Book Day

Good evening, my geeks and geekettes. Today wasn't as productive as I would have thought. I was, however, invited to write a post on my anxiety at Edge of Insanity. So when you get done here, hop on over there and read it if ya want. (Here's where I'll beg 'pretty please.')

On May 4, comic book shops/stores around the country (I'm sure it's just not in the US) will give everyone a free comic book to anyone who visits them. I've never participated, but I'm very tempted to do it this year. There are several stores in my city that are participating, and who doesn't like free stuff? Especially comics.

So, because I'm fairly new to FCBD, here's a few hundred links that could explain it better than I could. I promise to keep it to a minimum.

FAQ (Read iiittt!)
The Comics (I'm just linking because I think it could be helpful in some sort of way.)
Creator Signings (In select cities. I'm completely jealous!)

And for the piece de resistance, the store locator!!
The Store Locator

I'm not sure why, but I'm super-duper excited about this. Against her will, I will be dragging my sister along. She'll enjoy it. Hopefully.


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