Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Oh My Coffee Gods!

Good evening! I know this is late, but today has been "Procrastinating Day" for me. Although my anxiety hasn't been really high lately, it just takes everything out of you sometimes. Of course, it doesn't help when you have four-legged furry destroyers (aka the cats) who want attention, or want to start a wrestling match.

Being the referee requires swift and cat-like reflexes unless you want some scratches.

Right. Back to why I'm bowing down to the very first person who invented coffee. They paved the way for things like coffee makers. Coffee makers that can be turned into THIS!
Dah! I can't stand it!
One guess to what it is!

Because I'm a Pinterest junkie (<-- link to my boards!), I was just doing what I normally do and trying to get some work done. HA! When I came across this, I'm pretty sure I fell off the chair and started drooling or foaming at the  mouth. It had blown me away. One link lead to another. First it was the Wired article, and then onto Instructables.

That light. That light. That light.
According to the Instructables website, So the whole concept behind this was to have a coffee maker that could be used to brew coffee quickly for larger dinner parties that we have from time to time.  A regular coffee pot is just too slow to brew pot after pot as its being emptied so quickly by caffeine crazed guests.  Enter the industrial BUNN type coffee maker.  It uses a tank of water that holds two coffee pots worth. 
The video shows that it makes R2D2 noises from a hacked recordable greeting card. Excuse me while I pinch myself.

I'm sad that my coffee maker doesn't do those things.

I'll go in my corner now.

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