Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I'm Back Baby!

I know. It's been a few weeks since I've posted anything. I could lie and say that I was just too lazy. Wait a minute, that could be it. Okay, it isn't. To be completely honest, it's because life happened.

Without going fully into details, let's just say that the stress factor has caused me to have several million anxiety attacks. So, the force field I had built up around Mr. Doom and Mrs. Gloom has many leaks. And when that force field is penetrated, red warning lights go off in my head. It reminds me of a disco without the colorful disco ball. It's more like a red strobe light. When those start to do their thing, I can't stop it. It's almost like a runaway train in those old, black and white movies. No matter how hard you try, it just does what it wants to do.

I've decided that coming back would be a good distraction for my brain and all of it's weirdness. I've tried reading some fantasy novels, but I can't submerge myself into them enough to concentrate. I might try later in the year (and this time, start with the first novel of a series and not the 3rd. Mistake learned.)  Speaking of which, I had picked up a Dungeons & Dragons novel by R.A. Salvatore from the local library about a week ago. I think it was the 6th particular book. I had NO clue what was going on. It was the spur of the moment, and what can I say? I probably should have looked for the first book. Has anyone read any by him? How did you like it?

Now, there might be a few temporary changes on the blog as far as posts go. To make it much more simple for me at the moment, I will be getting rid of either "Geektastic Tuesday" or "Sunday Funny." This time, I'm letting you decide which one will meet it's fate for a few weeks. So, here's how we're going to do this:

If you want to keep Geektastic Tuesday, say "AYE!"
If you want to keep Sunday Funny, say "PIE!"

Or, I could always just do a poll on one of the sidebars of the blog and have it up for some amount of time. But I like the "AYE!" and "PIE!" idea much more. Screw it, we'll do both for those who are more lurkers and not commentators.

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