Friday, April 26, 2013

Labyrinth Love

Today I'm not feeling my best. I think I'm coming down with something that requires tissue and a huge amount of T.V. time while snuggling with my favorite kitty.

I was fiddling around Pinterest when I came across a drawing by James Hance. If you haven't seen any of his work, you better go check his website out! Here's his website: Relentlessly Cheerful Art. Serious talk, it is cheerful in it's own way.

In the UK? Here's his UK shop link: UK shop link

His art is geeky awesome! You have Doctor Who, Star Wars, Labyrinth, and others I can't quite pin-point due to my mushy brain at the moment.

Ludo & Jareth or Smugglers of the Labyrinth

GAH! Knock me over with a feather. I can't even....

I'm done drooling now.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Geektastic Thursday: Doctor Who Invasion

I know it's not a Geektastic Tuesday. I'll be honest- I was too lazy to do it. I also know that I could have just scheduled said GT to post, but I was lazy about that, too. Will you accept my apologies with this fantabulous Doctor Who stuff?

I'm going to be honest. I haven't gotten into Doctor Who yet. It's not that it doesn't appeal to me, it's just that I don't know where to even start on watching the series. Maybe eventually I'll find a way and fall in love just like the rest of the world. (Wee little note: If you guys have any suggestions, I'm wide open to em!)

Even though Easter and April are almost over and done with, who says you can't have hand-painted TARDIS Easter eggs? They'll look good any time of the year!

Confession: I don't have a home office. Wherever there's a spot open in the house, that's where me and my laptop sit. In my head though, I have the "blueprints" to my future home office. Yeah, baby! (By the way, here's a lamp you'll want for YOUR office.)

I remember when I was a little girl in school, we were told to do dioramas. I think I did one on the sea or ocean. Either that, or it was.... no, it was on the sea/oceans. Mom and I worked on it because she cut the little fishes and I did the gluing. I'd do the water waves (at least that's what I said they were), and she'd guide me to where to put them. Dioramas- aren't they fun?

When I think I've seen all the wedding toppers in the world, there are always one or two that take me by surprise. Although I'm neither married, engaged, or even in a relationship (insert "forever alone" face here), they are still fun to look at. I can only imagine what creative cakes go with those toppers.

Confession 2 (or maybe it's number 3): My finger nails are plainly painted with a sparkly black. I don't have hands steady enough to try those outrageous (outrageous in a good way) designs. These might make me feel better.

So all of you Whovians, go shopping, will ya?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Oh My Coffee Gods!

Good evening! I know this is late, but today has been "Procrastinating Day" for me. Although my anxiety hasn't been really high lately, it just takes everything out of you sometimes. Of course, it doesn't help when you have four-legged furry destroyers (aka the cats) who want attention, or want to start a wrestling match.

Being the referee requires swift and cat-like reflexes unless you want some scratches.

Right. Back to why I'm bowing down to the very first person who invented coffee. They paved the way for things like coffee makers. Coffee makers that can be turned into THIS!
Dah! I can't stand it!
One guess to what it is!

Because I'm a Pinterest junkie (<-- link to my boards!), I was just doing what I normally do and trying to get some work done. HA! When I came across this, I'm pretty sure I fell off the chair and started drooling or foaming at the  mouth. It had blown me away. One link lead to another. First it was the Wired article, and then onto Instructables.

That light. That light. That light.
According to the Instructables website, So the whole concept behind this was to have a coffee maker that could be used to brew coffee quickly for larger dinner parties that we have from time to time.  A regular coffee pot is just too slow to brew pot after pot as its being emptied so quickly by caffeine crazed guests.  Enter the industrial BUNN type coffee maker.  It uses a tank of water that holds two coffee pots worth. 
The video shows that it makes R2D2 noises from a hacked recordable greeting card. Excuse me while I pinch myself.

I'm sad that my coffee maker doesn't do those things.

I'll go in my corner now.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Steamboat Shenanigans? Yes, please!

I simply can't get enough of a particular video from SPG! (Remember who that is? No? You'll see.)

Would it be bad to say that this song and the video of old Mickey on a boat would be an awesome mix? Can you just imagine Mickey whistling and wiggling his butt to Steamboat Shenanigans?

Of course, there's this ridiculously awesome song called "Rex Marksley." The hat that Rabbit wears is just... Well... Frankly, I have no words. It's pink, hot, and I can't stop staring at it.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Geektastic Tuesday: Prices May Vary

It's "Geektastic Tuesday" time! After a few weeks of not having one, I thought I'd resurrect it. I have to admit, I originally had no idea what I was going to do. It could have been another Etsy or Steampunk invasion, but I'd get no work done. I would be spending 95% of the time creating wishlists for the holidays and/or birthday. You see the dilemma I'd be in?


Anyways, here are some fantastical items that you may or may not be able to afford.

Robots are cool, no? Well, allow them to hold all of your books with these bad boys! (Confession: On my Christmas wish-list)

There will be no dirty jokes with this one. It pretty much speaks for itself.

Any Minecraft players in the room? In that case, you'll want this. Apparently it keeps hostile spawns away.

If you can get past the "icky" look of it, you could totally turn yourself into a zombie with no problem. Zombie-lovers, eat your heart out!

This last one is one I can't pass up. Dad would really love this! He'd probably relive his childhood.

Now, if you really want to see some more awesome things you'd probably drool over, walk over to DUDE!!! I Want That.... You'll see why.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Steampunk Persona?

So, a few weeks ago (or was it just last week?), I've decided that I'm delving into the full Steampunk culture rather than just being a lurker with one foot out of the closet. In order for me to come out of my comfortable, anxiety-free bubble, I must go at it full force. I can do this!
Steampunk Jack & Sally (Found at

Now, I have a wee bit of a problem. While I have come up with a name and backstory (and you shall meet her much later on in the year!), what shall she be? I like the idea of being an aristocrat, but in my mind, I'm much more of an adventurer. I like the idea of traveling to exotic lands pillaging and finding treasures. Oh wait, wrong time era. You get the gist of it, right? I also like the idea of being an Aristocratic Adventurer. Looking elegant while getting down and dirty in the desert.

I've heard that you must do something you are comfortable with, so you don't get burned out on it. Let it come to you. Okay brain, you win. Hopefully you will come out with a decision that has me looking sassy and kicky assy.

There is another realization that I'd rather not think about at the moment: Clothing. I can't just walk around naked. Who wants to see that? Buying the clothes seems so expensive. Frankly, I like the idea of making my own outfit and getting creative and whatnot. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands if DIY tutorials on the interwebz. Of course, one would need a sewing machine, wouldn't they? (Mental note: Invest in some sort of sewing machine in the future. You'll need it.) Plus all of the accessories that goes with it? Yes, I think DIY is the way to go!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I'm Back Baby!

I know. It's been a few weeks since I've posted anything. I could lie and say that I was just too lazy. Wait a minute, that could be it. Okay, it isn't. To be completely honest, it's because life happened.

Without going fully into details, let's just say that the stress factor has caused me to have several million anxiety attacks. So, the force field I had built up around Mr. Doom and Mrs. Gloom has many leaks. And when that force field is penetrated, red warning lights go off in my head. It reminds me of a disco without the colorful disco ball. It's more like a red strobe light. When those start to do their thing, I can't stop it. It's almost like a runaway train in those old, black and white movies. No matter how hard you try, it just does what it wants to do.

I've decided that coming back would be a good distraction for my brain and all of it's weirdness. I've tried reading some fantasy novels, but I can't submerge myself into them enough to concentrate. I might try later in the year (and this time, start with the first novel of a series and not the 3rd. Mistake learned.)  Speaking of which, I had picked up a Dungeons & Dragons novel by R.A. Salvatore from the local library about a week ago. I think it was the 6th particular book. I had NO clue what was going on. It was the spur of the moment, and what can I say? I probably should have looked for the first book. Has anyone read any by him? How did you like it?

Now, there might be a few temporary changes on the blog as far as posts go. To make it much more simple for me at the moment, I will be getting rid of either "Geektastic Tuesday" or "Sunday Funny." This time, I'm letting you decide which one will meet it's fate for a few weeks. So, here's how we're going to do this:

If you want to keep Geektastic Tuesday, say "AYE!"
If you want to keep Sunday Funny, say "PIE!"

Or, I could always just do a poll on one of the sidebars of the blog and have it up for some amount of time. But I like the "AYE!" and "PIE!" idea much more. Screw it, we'll do both for those who are more lurkers and not commentators.


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