Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Geektastic Wednesday: Uncommon Goods

Sorry this isn't being posted on a Tuesday. Sadly, I wasn't feeling quite well yesterday, so I decided to give myself that day to just rest. So, instead of naming it "Geektastic Tuesday," I rolled with the punches and called it what it is now. Wednesday. Welcome to the one and only (time): Geektastic Wednesday!

Unique is fun, isn't it? I mean, there are times when I just want to buy a gift for someone that no one else would ever think of. I like the idea of gifting something totally "green," or something that will make the gift receiver go "I LOVE YOU TO DEATH!!!!" (Maybe not that much...) 
Hello, Thumb? Yes, this is Pinky.
I've always loved going to Uncommon Goods to see what new stuff they have, or what's on sale. I swear, my wishlist is one thousand miles long (slightly exaggerating here.) They have everything from green items to neat little terrariums. (I will own a terrarium one day. Yes I will!)

I use my current phone as an alarm clock. I think I've owned one real alarm clock in my whole life. I've always been afraid that one morning I just might throw it against the wall, and that would be the end of my alarm clock. Now a talking alarm clock rather than a jarring one? I will keep safe from harm!

Steampunk lovers and ray gun lovers, I've got the perfect gift for you! You don't mind that it's a wee bit expensive, do ya? Of course not!

Aren't typewriters awesome? No matter how old they are, nothing says "Vintage Neato" like an antique typewriter. I am completely jealous of those who have one. Well, since I'll never come close to owning one of those beauts, I will just have to play around with this while dreaming of writing a book outside in the 1800s.

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