Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Yay For New Project!

There are sometimes when the only way to make sure my worrying doesn't spill out of my head, and concentrating on something else totally helps that! So, a trip to the craft store resulted in a win-win situation for this nutcase. I saw a project that I could immerse myself in for a while every day.

Welcome to a rainbow-ish world!

Welcome, yarn. Well, mini pieces of yarn. This is just a small portion of what I'm working on, which, unfortunately, may take me a few weeks. (Sleep will be required.) 

It looks like crayons threw up.

If you could only see how humongous this beast is. Maybe I can direct one of our four-legged furry destroyers to lay smack dab in the middle for size comparison. I do have helpers ( helper). After a few lessons of which colors may look alike (apparently there was a HUGE difference between light gold and cream... Riiiiight.) , she was ready to go. If you all remember my T-Mobile Sparq Review, I have arthritis in my right thumb. Holding a small tool to work the yarn will be a slow process.

The selection of what I wanted was kind of small, but I still couldn't quite decide. After staring at each and every one, I finally decided on something that would just bring a smile to my face every time I saw it. Of course, this would be when I finally finish.

I won't be telling you what it is until I'm finished. I will warn you: It's cuteness overload. Sadly, they didn't have any Star Wars or nerdy/dorky/geeky. It's a good thing I didn't get my hopes up, or they would have been dashed just as quick as they came in.

New projects rock my socks off! Who's with me??

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