Thursday, February 7, 2013

So Wise Is The Fortune Cookie

Question: After a horrible day of anxiety attacks, what does one have for lunch to calm that?

It was a particularly rough morning for me. It started the moment I woke up, and it ended the moment the sun went down a few hours ago. My first thought, as soon as the sun hit the horizon was "OH MY GOD! It's got me on a time schedule!" (Sneaky little devil...)

When asked what we wanted for lunch, only word came to mind. Well, actually, it's a 2-word restaurant, but we've narrowed it down to a 1-word abbreviation. We're all about making things easier in this house. We've even given the four-legged furry destroyers (cats) nicknames. That's right, they've got nicknames. Isn't that a normal thing to do? I use their real names for when they are about to do something naughty, and that's usually the case here at this home. I wonder how I can get in touch with that "My Cat From Hell" guy.

Oh right... the fortune cookie. Darn me and my ability to be easily distracted!

We go in, eat, and all that stuff. They didn't have any sushi this time. That bummed me out.

And in internet magic fashion, we're skipping to the bill. That's where the reason for this post comes in. So, he set it down with 3 fortune cookies. Since I have a huge problem being indecisive (that goes hand in hand with Mr. Anxiety), I let my mother and sister choose theirs first. Suffice it to say, I liked theirs best.

So, here's Mom's fortune cookie.... fortune.
Many pleasurable and memory adventures are in store for you!

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