Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nostalgia At It's Finest

All hail the might wafer sticks!

It's weird....

Lately I've been feeling very nostalgic. I often think back to the times when all I had to worry about was which Barbie to play with, and if I should give her a horrible haircut or not. Of course, more often that not, they never got haircuts. I was envious of their hair because mine was uncontrollably frizzy, so I kept it as straight and gorgeous as I could (but secretly wished I could give them mine!) 

So, begrudge me this moment as I remember the fun moments of childhood. I emphasize fun here- mainly because there's no way I'd relive the horrifying moments, which may or may not have included getting a scar from trying to jump over a garden hoe. There's a story there, but the story is staying in the vault.

As Valentines Day comes closer and closer (only 4 days away? ACK!!!!), I'm often remembering the times in school when it wasn't as stressful. Buy a box of boxed Valentines cards, put your classmates' names on them and VOILA! You've gotten them Valentines. Oh, and remember the cute little crafts you often did? Your mom didn't care if one side was lopsided than the other. She loved it even though one heart looked like a pancreas. You were so excited to show her what you made, and she'd put it on the fridge to show any friends/family that stopped by.

Many weekends Twin and I would have Barbie marathons.

Many. Weekends.

What is a Barbie marathon? Well, we didn't have kids our age that lived near us at that specific time, so, we'd grab our Barbies, millions of her accessories, and play for hours in the living room. Barbie was often a popstar/dancer (remember that envious thing? Yeah...), plus, we'd imitate what we saw on TV- mostly ice skating. Barbie had fantastic moves!

I think I'll go out and buy a box of Valentines cards. Now, to find 20 people to send them to...

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