Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Beating Steampunk Heart!

I'm searching for lamps for my bedroom. It just seems so... dark in here at night. If I want to read before going to bed, I must turn on the ceiling light- and who wants to get up when they are perfectly comfy in bed? I certainly don't. At that moment, I'm too lazy to move. I want to be able to reach over, turn off the light and roll over to sleep.

So, while looking for some steampunk items for this week's Geektastic Tuesday, I almost fell over in my seat when I saw this adorably awesome DIY!

*falls over from too much awesome*
That's just PART of the lamp lit up. This is Lyra's Lamp from The Steampunk Workshop.

The amazingness that has transpired from this has motivated me to make my own steampunk stuff! Of course, I will never, in a million years be able to recreate this; not unless I randomly come across someone who solders and is an electrician.

Until then, I must wait, drool, and wait some more.

(It's still one badass lamp!)

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  1. That's pretty cool! Maybe we can find something sorta like it!


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