Monday, February 11, 2013

Just Smile!

I've always loved to make other people smile. When I'm having a rough day, if I can make a corny joke and make someone laugh, then that just lights up my face!

Never did I imagine that when I would walk into the bathroom, would I find happiness there, too. Now, before you get upset or offended, it's NOT dirty (but it does help you get clean). You never think that a bathroom could provide some sense of sunshine on a cloudy day.

May I demonstrate?
This is just a small portion of our Beta Fish shower curtain. It's actually very pretty in real life. The camera does not do it justice. Now, amidst all of those tiny, weird-shaped circles, you will find something quite odd.

Have you found it yet? (This is like playing "Where's Waldo?)

It's a smiley face! Still can't see it? Let me help you a little bit.

So, you could be having a crappy day and one look at this? Instant happiness via Mr. Beta Fish.

Thank you, Beta. You've certainly made my day.

(Hint: Here's where you go into the "Awwww..." moment.)

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