Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Am Bender- Please Insert Girder

Ahh yes. Futurama at your service. Bender is by far my favorite character. He's not only sarcastic, but he's a robot! A ROBOT, I TELL YOU!

My love for steampunk and Steam Powered Giraffe brought me into what robots are all about. So, I went on a hunt for anything robot to see what kind of stuff is out there to buy. (I know, I know... there are millions of items out there. Humor me, will ya?) I have officially fallen in love with 3 websites, and this last one I have found is robot-worthy. Imagine, if ya will, a place where you can buy a robot pool cleaner (say what??) and a cute little pet all in the same place. It's a real website. I promise you.

This is in no way a "Geektastic Tuesday." I just got so excited about my new find that I had to share it with the world. In fact, I'm also on the hunt for silver nail polish- I've got an idea.....

So, the websites is called RobotShop. They are completely and utterly awwwesome!! My mind is boggled due to all of the thingamajigs and doo-dads (warning: not the real name of their parts.) Who knew robots could be as cute as buttons like this one?
Now I'm going to go search for robot art/drawings/paintings. Sorry, Bender, you don't get to come this time.

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