Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Geektastic Tuesday: Steampunk Edition

Welcome to the Steampunk Edition of Geektastic Tuesday!

Normally, I would choose a website that sold items I fall in love with and highlight that. However, this week is MUCH different. This is from all over the interwebz, and  my only wish  was that my bank account would allow me to buy each and every one.

So, who likes lamps? Oh wait, we all do! (Ignore that I asked that question, wouldja?) This particular one is only a scant $191. Can one person love 2 lamps in the same week? I think they can!

Shoes. I love them. We all love them. I have to tell you that I actually squealed when I saw these, and demanded that the somehow appear on my feet- kind of like The Wizard of Oz. It didn't happen, sadly. So, they will remain in my dreams until I get smaller feet (they only have sizes 6 and 7 of these shoes...)

I don't like using the word *hate,* but I hate our current light switch plates. They're so plain. So.... ordinary. I could totally see these in every room of my house- whether my family likes them or not.
(Wee little note: They have 2 more to choose from.)

Technology- it's fantastic, isn't it? Well, it just got more steampunk!!!
This man's work is absolutely wonderful! Although this particular one is from Etsy (remember my love for it?), you can have something custom built for you.

These are all on my "Must Have Before I Die" list. I've still got quite a bit of years to go!!!

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