Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Geektastic Tuesday: Gadgets And Gears

First off, the name sounds steampunkish, doesn't it? Sorry to say, it isn't.

I was crushed, too.
Would you like a spot o' coffee, sir?

After wandering around on the interwebz trying to find some place that would just "WOW!" the pants off of me, I came across this little place. Okay, I lied, It isn't little at all. Gadgets & Gears has a little bit of other stuff and a whole lot of geeky.

By the way, I've got something to show you! (And this is exciting for my steampunkers!)
Okay, that excitement is out of the way, let's continue on, shall we? So..... The Walking Dead Season 3 returned last night. How'd you like to control your own zombie?
"Must..... have.... baaaaatteries."
Does anyone else in the world use a regular alarm clock? I don't. I use my cell phone, and to say the least, it is quite jarring to wake up to. Plus, trying to find the time at night is less than satisfactory. This is why I need one of these bad boys!
Changes colors? Has temperature? GIMME!!!
Being the kind of person that likes weird things, I think I've found my "home." Sorry, Think Geek- I've fallen in love with another.

(Wee little note: Next week's Geektastic Tuesday will be taken over by steampunk. Oh no!!!)

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  1. I think the alarm clock and zombie thing is pretty cool!


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