Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Anxiety Update!

It's me, Anxiety Girl! Instead of becoming a superhero, I've decided to just become Anxiety Girl: The Anti-Superhero-That-Still-Wears-A-Fabulous-Cape.

I've been getting questions on how I'm doing. Who wants the long version and who wants the short version? Let's meet in the middle of that argument and call it the "Medium Version."

I have good and bad days- as all us Anxiety folks do. However, my days are weird. For example, Monday will be a horrible day. I'm not getting out of bed. Tuesday arrives- and boy, that sun is shining and I get up and dance a jig to express my love for the day. Wednesday comes, and well, it's doom-and-gloom, and you get the idea. I'd call it a rollercoaster, but it seems more like a heartbeat line that shows the ups/downs.

I'm taking new medication, and it seems to really be helping with relaxing me. The only downside is that it makes me uber sleepy. So, if I take it in the morning, when noontime rolls around, BAM! I'm out like a light. (Apparently, this is normal.) They say that it takes weeks to really see a difference. I must be some kind of weirdo because the day I started it, I could tell I was happier. On days I forget to take it, I'm pacing back and forth thinking the world is coming to an end at any point (and of course, the day ends without any events. Darn you brain!!)

My anxiety attacks are becoming few. However, there are some that slip through those cracks, and they are sneaky little devils. You kind of have to be on your guard. Think of yourself as a ninja and guarding your body against attacks. It can be done, but it takes concentration.... Which, oddly enough, helps me. If I really concentrate on something else other than Mr. Doom and Mrs. Gloom, I can relax just a tiny bit- but one slip and I'm a goner.

So, to put it simply: It's a work in progress.

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