Saturday, February 23, 2013

$20 Steampunk(ish) Worry Box

Worrying is a constant thing with me (as you well know), and I keep it all hidden deep inside until it just erupts like one big ass darn volcano. It's scary, evil, and must be avoided at all costs.

I recently (okay, Friday) went on a small shopping trip to a craft store to gather any materials I would need to make this worry box of mine. I had a wee bit of help getting everything. I needed an extra pair of eyes, so I took Twin. Well, she was coming along anyways, but I thought she'd be able to catch anything I missed. She has quite a knack for that.

After spending 30 minutes to an hour (I lost all sense of time once I stepped in the store. My mecca!), we had everything I needed! The wonderful thing? It all cost under $25. Shocking, isn't it? Of course, I plan on adding more stuff to the WB (we're using that for shorthand, m'kay?) as time goes on and I find more things to glue onto it. I'm hoping as the years go by, it'll be steampunk-tastic! Wouldn't that be sweet?

It is now CRAFTY TIME! Booyah!

You are about to become my very best friend!

What You'll Need

  • Picture box (you can find these at any craft store)
  • Glue (how else will your items stick to it?)
  • Any items that make you happy or you enjoy seeing
    • For my worry box, I have some timepieces and keys I picked up from above place for under $5 each.
  • Alphabet letters (You can make these yourself or get foam letters/stickers. Either one will work.)
Because this was only a $20 craft project, this will be simple. So, grab your stuffs and let's begin!
Gather materials (see my awesome keys?)

Glue your items to the box using craft glue (we used Tacky Glue here)

Since this is YOUR worry box, you can glue them any way you want. We used our keys and timepieces to work together.
I think I used a little bit too much glue there. Oops.

Once you've finished gluing your stuffs, then go ahead and add the letters anyway you want. As you can see, we made a little curvy-thing with them.
Oooh. Shiny objects!

Once you are done, you are completely finished with your worry box. Just sit it out and allow it to dry. Now, when you have a worry, write it down and put it in there. At the end of the week/month/year, you can go either toss every one without reading or go through them. Your choice.

It may not seem like much, but it means a lot to me in this "healing" process.

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