Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Yay For New Project!

There are sometimes when the only way to make sure my worrying doesn't spill out of my head, and concentrating on something else totally helps that! So, a trip to the craft store resulted in a win-win situation for this nutcase. I saw a project that I could immerse myself in for a while every day.

Welcome to a rainbow-ish world!

Welcome, yarn. Well, mini pieces of yarn. This is just a small portion of what I'm working on, which, unfortunately, may take me a few weeks. (Sleep will be required.) 

It looks like crayons threw up.

If you could only see how humongous this beast is. Maybe I can direct one of our four-legged furry destroyers to lay smack dab in the middle for size comparison. I do have helpers ( helper). After a few lessons of which colors may look alike (apparently there was a HUGE difference between light gold and cream... Riiiiight.) , she was ready to go. If you all remember my T-Mobile Sparq Review, I have arthritis in my right thumb. Holding a small tool to work the yarn will be a slow process.

The selection of what I wanted was kind of small, but I still couldn't quite decide. After staring at each and every one, I finally decided on something that would just bring a smile to my face every time I saw it. Of course, this would be when I finally finish.

I won't be telling you what it is until I'm finished. I will warn you: It's cuteness overload. Sadly, they didn't have any Star Wars or nerdy/dorky/geeky. It's a good thing I didn't get my hopes up, or they would have been dashed just as quick as they came in.

New projects rock my socks off! Who's with me??

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Geektastic Tuesday: Zommbiiieesss

If you hadn't noticed by now, I'm a ultra-huge zombie lover, so I'm dedicating this week's GT to those scary dudes and dudettes. (All while listening to Steam Powered Giraffe... but that's just a little non-side note.)

To be honest, I think I started liking zombies a little bit before The Walking Dead series arrived. It all started with a game called "Zombie Bowling." You used your swift bowling skills to hit zombies instead of pins. It was so much fun.... addicting really.

Where was I again? Oh right.

Did you know that zombies are full of Zen? It's funny to think that they may go all Shakespearean on us before attacking, "To eat or not to eat."

Confession: I also love board games. Imagine my surprise when I realized that there was a The Walking Dead board game. SWEEEEEEET!!!

Zombies can be cute, right? How about Squee-Worthy cute?

Is anyone getting a married? Have you found your cake topper? No? Awesome! Feast your eyes (I think there's a pun in there somewhere....) on THIS!
Creep your guests out!

(Wee little note: Darn the cute Zocky!)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Funny: NO! DON'T GO!

This seemed appropriate and perfect.
Can we just say that I am overloaded with cuteness?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

$20 Steampunk(ish) Worry Box

Worrying is a constant thing with me (as you well know), and I keep it all hidden deep inside until it just erupts like one big ass darn volcano. It's scary, evil, and must be avoided at all costs.

I recently (okay, Friday) went on a small shopping trip to a craft store to gather any materials I would need to make this worry box of mine. I had a wee bit of help getting everything. I needed an extra pair of eyes, so I took Twin. Well, she was coming along anyways, but I thought she'd be able to catch anything I missed. She has quite a knack for that.

After spending 30 minutes to an hour (I lost all sense of time once I stepped in the store. My mecca!), we had everything I needed! The wonderful thing? It all cost under $25. Shocking, isn't it? Of course, I plan on adding more stuff to the WB (we're using that for shorthand, m'kay?) as time goes on and I find more things to glue onto it. I'm hoping as the years go by, it'll be steampunk-tastic! Wouldn't that be sweet?

It is now CRAFTY TIME! Booyah!

You are about to become my very best friend!

What You'll Need

  • Picture box (you can find these at any craft store)
  • Glue (how else will your items stick to it?)
  • Any items that make you happy or you enjoy seeing
    • For my worry box, I have some timepieces and keys I picked up from above place for under $5 each.
  • Alphabet letters (You can make these yourself or get foam letters/stickers. Either one will work.)
Because this was only a $20 craft project, this will be simple. So, grab your stuffs and let's begin!
Gather materials (see my awesome keys?)

Glue your items to the box using craft glue (we used Tacky Glue here)

Since this is YOUR worry box, you can glue them any way you want. We used our keys and timepieces to work together.
I think I used a little bit too much glue there. Oops.

Once you've finished gluing your stuffs, then go ahead and add the letters anyway you want. As you can see, we made a little curvy-thing with them.
Oooh. Shiny objects!

Once you are done, you are completely finished with your worry box. Just sit it out and allow it to dry. Now, when you have a worry, write it down and put it in there. At the end of the week/month/year, you can go either toss every one without reading or go through them. Your choice.

It may not seem like much, but it means a lot to me in this "healing" process.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Am Bender- Please Insert Girder

Ahh yes. Futurama at your service. Bender is by far my favorite character. He's not only sarcastic, but he's a robot! A ROBOT, I TELL YOU!

My love for steampunk and Steam Powered Giraffe brought me into what robots are all about. So, I went on a hunt for anything robot to see what kind of stuff is out there to buy. (I know, I know... there are millions of items out there. Humor me, will ya?) I have officially fallen in love with 3 websites, and this last one I have found is robot-worthy. Imagine, if ya will, a place where you can buy a robot pool cleaner (say what??) and a cute little pet all in the same place. It's a real website. I promise you.

This is in no way a "Geektastic Tuesday." I just got so excited about my new find that I had to share it with the world. In fact, I'm also on the hunt for silver nail polish- I've got an idea.....

So, the websites is called RobotShop. They are completely and utterly awwwesome!! My mind is boggled due to all of the thingamajigs and doo-dads (warning: not the real name of their parts.) Who knew robots could be as cute as buttons like this one?
Now I'm going to go search for robot art/drawings/paintings. Sorry, Bender, you don't get to come this time.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Anxiety Update!

It's me, Anxiety Girl! Instead of becoming a superhero, I've decided to just become Anxiety Girl: The Anti-Superhero-That-Still-Wears-A-Fabulous-Cape.

I've been getting questions on how I'm doing. Who wants the long version and who wants the short version? Let's meet in the middle of that argument and call it the "Medium Version."

I have good and bad days- as all us Anxiety folks do. However, my days are weird. For example, Monday will be a horrible day. I'm not getting out of bed. Tuesday arrives- and boy, that sun is shining and I get up and dance a jig to express my love for the day. Wednesday comes, and well, it's doom-and-gloom, and you get the idea. I'd call it a rollercoaster, but it seems more like a heartbeat line that shows the ups/downs.

I'm taking new medication, and it seems to really be helping with relaxing me. The only downside is that it makes me uber sleepy. So, if I take it in the morning, when noontime rolls around, BAM! I'm out like a light. (Apparently, this is normal.) They say that it takes weeks to really see a difference. I must be some kind of weirdo because the day I started it, I could tell I was happier. On days I forget to take it, I'm pacing back and forth thinking the world is coming to an end at any point (and of course, the day ends without any events. Darn you brain!!)

My anxiety attacks are becoming few. However, there are some that slip through those cracks, and they are sneaky little devils. You kind of have to be on your guard. Think of yourself as a ninja and guarding your body against attacks. It can be done, but it takes concentration.... Which, oddly enough, helps me. If I really concentrate on something else other than Mr. Doom and Mrs. Gloom, I can relax just a tiny bit- but one slip and I'm a goner.

So, to put it simply: It's a work in progress.

Geektastic Tuesday: Steampunk Edition

Welcome to the Steampunk Edition of Geektastic Tuesday!

Normally, I would choose a website that sold items I fall in love with and highlight that. However, this week is MUCH different. This is from all over the interwebz, and  my only wish  was that my bank account would allow me to buy each and every one.

So, who likes lamps? Oh wait, we all do! (Ignore that I asked that question, wouldja?) This particular one is only a scant $191. Can one person love 2 lamps in the same week? I think they can!

Shoes. I love them. We all love them. I have to tell you that I actually squealed when I saw these, and demanded that the somehow appear on my feet- kind of like The Wizard of Oz. It didn't happen, sadly. So, they will remain in my dreams until I get smaller feet (they only have sizes 6 and 7 of these shoes...)

I don't like using the word *hate,* but I hate our current light switch plates. They're so plain. So.... ordinary. I could totally see these in every room of my house- whether my family likes them or not.
(Wee little note: They have 2 more to choose from.)

Technology- it's fantastic, isn't it? Well, it just got more steampunk!!!
This man's work is absolutely wonderful! Although this particular one is from Etsy (remember my love for it?), you can have something custom built for you.

These are all on my "Must Have Before I Die" list. I've still got quite a bit of years to go!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Beating Steampunk Heart!

I'm searching for lamps for my bedroom. It just seems so... dark in here at night. If I want to read before going to bed, I must turn on the ceiling light- and who wants to get up when they are perfectly comfy in bed? I certainly don't. At that moment, I'm too lazy to move. I want to be able to reach over, turn off the light and roll over to sleep.

So, while looking for some steampunk items for this week's Geektastic Tuesday, I almost fell over in my seat when I saw this adorably awesome DIY!

*falls over from too much awesome*
That's just PART of the lamp lit up. This is Lyra's Lamp from The Steampunk Workshop.

The amazingness that has transpired from this has motivated me to make my own steampunk stuff! Of course, I will never, in a million years be able to recreate this; not unless I randomly come across someone who solders and is an electrician.

Until then, I must wait, drool, and wait some more.

(It's still one badass lamp!)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentines Day Is Tomorrow- And I'm Not Ready!

I'm giving you my plastic heart.
I'm in quite a pickle this year. It doesn't have anything to do with boyfriends/significant others (waahhh!!), but it does have everything to do with losing Valentines Day cards for your mom and dad.

I've misplaced them! Mayday! Mayday!!!!!! I was super-duper excited to get a head on this year of greeting cards. I couldn't wait to surprise them with it- since I spent quite a long time picking them out. Now, sadly, it seems I may have to go through that all again. They are nowhere to be found. I'm suspecting some little house elf (Hooray for book references!) took them. Who knows? Maybe in a few months I'll eventually find them; and then I'll be ready for next year!

Nothing says "I love you" like a card with "2012" printed somewhere on it. I'm sure they'll understand..... right?

So, does anyone have any plans on how they are going to spend it? I normally don't have plans. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on something for one day, I liked to spread it out throughout the year. It's kind of like rain. If you just shower all of it in one day, it'll flood the house. Spread it out and things will have a chance to bloom and grow.

I never thought I'd be using spring as an analogy/metaphor to express love.

I hope there's chocolate in there somewhere.

And the love of my family.

Image courtesy of anekoho /

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Geektastic Tuesday: Gadgets And Gears

First off, the name sounds steampunkish, doesn't it? Sorry to say, it isn't.

I was crushed, too.
Would you like a spot o' coffee, sir?

After wandering around on the interwebz trying to find some place that would just "WOW!" the pants off of me, I came across this little place. Okay, I lied, It isn't little at all. Gadgets & Gears has a little bit of other stuff and a whole lot of geeky.

By the way, I've got something to show you! (And this is exciting for my steampunkers!)
Okay, that excitement is out of the way, let's continue on, shall we? So..... The Walking Dead Season 3 returned last night. How'd you like to control your own zombie?
"Must..... have.... baaaaatteries."
Does anyone else in the world use a regular alarm clock? I don't. I use my cell phone, and to say the least, it is quite jarring to wake up to. Plus, trying to find the time at night is less than satisfactory. This is why I need one of these bad boys!
Changes colors? Has temperature? GIMME!!!
Being the kind of person that likes weird things, I think I've found my "home." Sorry, Think Geek- I've fallen in love with another.

(Wee little note: Next week's Geektastic Tuesday will be taken over by steampunk. Oh no!!!)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Just Smile!

I've always loved to make other people smile. When I'm having a rough day, if I can make a corny joke and make someone laugh, then that just lights up my face!

Never did I imagine that when I would walk into the bathroom, would I find happiness there, too. Now, before you get upset or offended, it's NOT dirty (but it does help you get clean). You never think that a bathroom could provide some sense of sunshine on a cloudy day.

May I demonstrate?
This is just a small portion of our Beta Fish shower curtain. It's actually very pretty in real life. The camera does not do it justice. Now, amidst all of those tiny, weird-shaped circles, you will find something quite odd.

Have you found it yet? (This is like playing "Where's Waldo?)

It's a smiley face! Still can't see it? Let me help you a little bit.

So, you could be having a crappy day and one look at this? Instant happiness via Mr. Beta Fish.

Thank you, Beta. You've certainly made my day.

(Hint: Here's where you go into the "Awwww..." moment.)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nostalgia At It's Finest

All hail the might wafer sticks!

It's weird....

Lately I've been feeling very nostalgic. I often think back to the times when all I had to worry about was which Barbie to play with, and if I should give her a horrible haircut or not. Of course, more often that not, they never got haircuts. I was envious of their hair because mine was uncontrollably frizzy, so I kept it as straight and gorgeous as I could (but secretly wished I could give them mine!) 

So, begrudge me this moment as I remember the fun moments of childhood. I emphasize fun here- mainly because there's no way I'd relive the horrifying moments, which may or may not have included getting a scar from trying to jump over a garden hoe. There's a story there, but the story is staying in the vault.

As Valentines Day comes closer and closer (only 4 days away? ACK!!!!), I'm often remembering the times in school when it wasn't as stressful. Buy a box of boxed Valentines cards, put your classmates' names on them and VOILA! You've gotten them Valentines. Oh, and remember the cute little crafts you often did? Your mom didn't care if one side was lopsided than the other. She loved it even though one heart looked like a pancreas. You were so excited to show her what you made, and she'd put it on the fridge to show any friends/family that stopped by.

Many weekends Twin and I would have Barbie marathons.

Many. Weekends.

What is a Barbie marathon? Well, we didn't have kids our age that lived near us at that specific time, so, we'd grab our Barbies, millions of her accessories, and play for hours in the living room. Barbie was often a popstar/dancer (remember that envious thing? Yeah...), plus, we'd imitate what we saw on TV- mostly ice skating. Barbie had fantastic moves!

I think I'll go out and buy a box of Valentines cards. Now, to find 20 people to send them to...

Sunday Funny: Nerdy Zombies

Okay, I admit it: I love zombies. Zombies. Zombies. Zombies. I blame it all on The Walking Dead. So, it should come as no shock to this week's Sunday Funny.
Meddulllaa ommmblongattta.
'Nuff said.

Friday, February 8, 2013


Mental reminder for all of you Walkers...

This Sunday, Season 3 returns on AMC 9/8c. (SWEEEEEEEEET!)

I've been on a The Walking Dead kick lately. Catalogs received in the mail will show merchandise, or browsing Amazon (My downfall. My weakness.) will have me squealing like a fan girl dying to have it. And no, that pun wasn't intended. I don't think it was. It might have been.

I think I've become addicted.

Will someone show me to the nearest support group for TWD?

So, question time! What are you hoping to see this season?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

So Wise Is The Fortune Cookie

Question: After a horrible day of anxiety attacks, what does one have for lunch to calm that?

It was a particularly rough morning for me. It started the moment I woke up, and it ended the moment the sun went down a few hours ago. My first thought, as soon as the sun hit the horizon was "OH MY GOD! It's got me on a time schedule!" (Sneaky little devil...)

When asked what we wanted for lunch, only word came to mind. Well, actually, it's a 2-word restaurant, but we've narrowed it down to a 1-word abbreviation. We're all about making things easier in this house. We've even given the four-legged furry destroyers (cats) nicknames. That's right, they've got nicknames. Isn't that a normal thing to do? I use their real names for when they are about to do something naughty, and that's usually the case here at this home. I wonder how I can get in touch with that "My Cat From Hell" guy.

Oh right... the fortune cookie. Darn me and my ability to be easily distracted!

We go in, eat, and all that stuff. They didn't have any sushi this time. That bummed me out.

And in internet magic fashion, we're skipping to the bill. That's where the reason for this post comes in. So, he set it down with 3 fortune cookies. Since I have a huge problem being indecisive (that goes hand in hand with Mr. Anxiety), I let my mother and sister choose theirs first. Suffice it to say, I liked theirs best.

So, here's Mom's fortune cookie.... fortune.
Many pleasurable and memory adventures are in store for you!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Let's Meet Anxiety Cat!

Just like a ninja.
While looking for a Sunday Funny, I came across Anxiety Cat! I never knew that a cat could articulate my thoughts so well. Frankly, I'm not sure if that scares me or if I'm chuffed to bits (I've been dying to use that British slang phrase!)

By the way, what does "chuffed to bits" means? In one word: Pleased. You'd be pleased about something. So, go use it!

There were several others that had me furiously (that's not the real word I was looking for, but it'll be fine here until I can think of the word I originally wanted to use) nodding my head, thinking "How do they know?? Oh right, I'm not the only one in the world with this damn thing." Reading these makes me wish I would have come up with this fantastical idea. I would be famous. Famous, I tell you.

I'm backtracking here just a little bit. So, before I go completely over the cliff, I'll just shut up and share one or two (or three, or four) of my absolute favorites.
Oh right. It's all coming back to me now.
"Hello, my name is Blargh... Wait. No!!"
Me? Compulsive apologizer? Never! (Okay, yes. Sorry)
Anxiety Cat, I heart you.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Geektastic Tuesday: Etsy Love

I'm in love with Etsy. I could spend hours there just browsing. Of course, I have a wishlist a mile long of stuff I wish I could buy. There's always something to "ooh" and "aah" over. So, to help some of those people out, allow me to take you on a homemade adventure to Etsyland- where you want everything with the money you don't have. It's fun. I promise.


The first stop in Etsyland is jewelry. I've become recently enthralled in it. I'm finding my inner girly self- and I'm enjoying it immensely.
Dice, dice baby!
Who wants some "pi"? Get it?
Now that we've gotten our girlyness out of the way, let's continue on to the next viewing pleasure, shall we? I've become a stickler for hygiene ever since my sister's stay in the hospital. Call me paranoid if you must, but I ain't taking no chances. So, I'm always finding new ways to combat any little, icky germs.... like soap!
It's soap. Don't believe me?
"Lego" my soap

I must save the best for last because frankly, you knew it was coming- and it is AWWWWWWESOME!
Oh my Yoda!
It is a terrarium. WOWZERS!!! If only I had $105 to spend. *le sigh*

Thank you for coming on this trip, and please watch all hands and feet as you exit.

(Wee little note: Excuse all of the puns. They just kept coming and coming.)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

T-Mobile Sparq Review

I originally thought, that when I started The Geeky Nutcase, I wasn't going to do any reviews. This was my writing outlet- whether it be funny, weird, or random. Then I decided, "It's technology. It's a phone. Technology can be geeky, right? Let's do it!" So, I've come to the conclusion that if I can help some poor soul decide if they want this phone or not, then I'll be doing my geekily duty.

Let's start the show, shall we?

I love new toys!
This is the T-Mobile Sparq. How did I come across it? I'm glad you asked!

A few days ago, my sister's phone died; death by water. She was getting a new phone. Me? I've had one that has lasted many good years, but decided I wanted something new, something spiffy. It didn't have to cost a hundred dollars. All I needed was a phone that had a keyboard because of the arthritis in my left right thumb (it makes it easier to text and all that wonderful jazz). Is it weird to only have arthritis in one appendage? I thought so, too.

Anyways, this phone was at Wal-Mart for $40. SCOOOOOOOOORE!!!!! It was a slider phone, and it wasn't going to cost me my arm, leg, and slightly more important, my sanity. Looking at the box it was nicely packaged in, it was perfect. I pulled myself away from all of the wonderful stuff I could buy and headed toward the checkout.

Getting it home and charged, I knew I would have no problem setting it up. I just slipped in my SIM card from my older phone, and whoosh! I was ready for business.
I am your new phone, bow down to me!
- The ability to upload pics/music from computer. Unless you have a micro memory card, fahget about it. Somewhere in the manual (and they don't tell you where), you'll need to download Alcatel's PC Suite. That thing suuuuuuuuuucks. It's like trying to get a cat to play "Fetch." Not happening.

- Ringtones. They are pretty much just standard and blah. If you don't have said micro memory card or interwebz access on your account, then you are stuck with those.

- That keyboard. That keyboard. That keyboard. (I think that says it all)

- 4 words: No more butt dialing!

All in all, not a bad little phone. I just wish I could add music. Why won't you work with me, Sparq? Was it something I said?

(Wee little note: I used my own money for this phone. Nothing was given to me to facilitate this- except the receipt of my purchase and correct change.)

Sunday Funny: Steampunk Bazooka

Welcome to another Sunday Funny!

This particular one is one I couldn't stop laughing at. The image and the words just go together perfectly.

May I present to you.... A steampunk funny!
Pew, pew, pew!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Welcome To February

January was so rocky for me. The ups, the downs, and the side-to-sides that had me nauseous. Maybe not physically nauseous- but nauseous nonetheless. I wasn't fond of that rollercoaster, and hopefully I don't plan on going back on it. It scared the crap out of me!

So tomorrow (Feb 2), Punxsutawney Phil comes out of his wittle hole. I'm excited, and hope he doesn't/does see his shadow. I'm hoping for more winter! By the way, does anyone else get confused on which one is which? I just always wait for the official to say that in groundhogese (Yay for movie references!), he's predicting more winter. By the way, did you know he has a wife? I think it's rather cute! I wonder if they have little Phils and Phyllises running around screaming, "Dad! You lied! It's not snowing anymore!" And then they scurry off for another groundhog adventure.

Today I made a to-do list almost a mile and a half long. While looking at it, I realize that I need a clone so I can just lay back, sip iced tea, and read a book. In fact, there are several books that are still calling out for my attention. Sadly, I've neglected them. So, as they sit on the shelf and stare sadly at me, I can't help but stare back and think to myself, "One day, my dears. One day soon." I plan to make time this weekend just for that. Hopefully I can find a quiet place where I won't get interrupted. Wait a minute, that place doesn't exist in this house. Darn! Foiled again! Well, at least I can get away from the cats for a while. I'll just stuff myself into the bathroom a for a few hours. Hello, brightly-lit room with a fish on the shower curtain.

.... and suddenly, a craft idea pops into this head...

Sadly, I can't tell you just what the craft is just yet. I have to get the materials and whatnot. However, if you are a constant worry-wort or suffer from the dreaded anxiety, it will be PERFECT for you! I will then post it and all that good, wonderful, great stuff.

I can't believe I just named 3 synonyms for word "fantastic."

(Wee little note: Random thoughts again. They won't leave me alone!)


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