Saturday, January 19, 2013

Who's The Geek?

So, what's a Geeky Nutcase? ME!!! (Crap! Wouldn't the question then be, "Who's the geeky nutcase?" Nevermind....)

I suffer from an anxiety disorder, and I've found that writing really helps when I'm having decent days. On fantastical (it's a word.... mine) days, my choice would be to spend it with my family enjoying their nutty company. On horrible, horrible days? Can we say "Do not attempt to get me out of bed?" I'm making great strides in pretending it doesn't exist. That's what they say to do, right? "Ignore it and it will go away." Oh sheet music.... I'm wrong, aren't I? I don't care.

I'm currently trying to write a book. *shocking gasps from everyone in the room* Hey, shut up. It's therapeutic. Besides, it's collecting dust until the main character speaks to me again. So far, she's holding out on me. The little witch.

I'm a dork. I've been told I'm a dork. I've come to accept this fact. I love Star Wars, owls (far less geeky than my other 'loves'), and a little bit of steampunk. A little note on this steampunk- I've just come to like it recently via Steam Powered Giraffe. Haven't heard of them? Then check out their "Honeybee" video. It's not for every one. Then, slide... over to their Facebook page and their website. I've also got mad love for Pinterest and Etsy. Mucho talented people at both places that I envy with creative jealousy. You'll also, throughout this crazy journey, know my other loves and likes. Of course, I have much dislikes, but those barely come out of this mouth.

I also have a twin sister, but you'll meet her later. She'll simply be going by "Twin" when I mention her. I'm sure that I'll slip up and call her by her human name. I'm sure she won't mind. You'll also meet Mom, Dad, and most likely, our owners- the cats. Some are too shy to do anything funny, so maybe just one or two.

Now, I go in search of theme that somehow conveys a geeky nutcase. This is going to be quite fun...

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